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Ignacio Alvarez to launch his own Vallarta-inspired beachwear brand

Ignacio Alvarez to launch his own Vallarta-inspired beachwear brand

Renowned international artist Ignacio Alvarez will launch a dozen swimwear models, with highly original motifs based on his work. Few days ago, in the Mismaloya area, the first photographic session with models was held.

Jalisco artist Ignacio Alvarez -resident for decades in Puerto Vallarta- prepares the launch of his own clothing brand, with designs that reflect his work. Ignacio Alvarez Swimmwear is a brand of swimwear that will be launched shortly with a show-event in a first-rate hotel.

A few days ago the first photographic session was held in the Mismaloya area, with the participation of an important team of models and photographers. It will be the base material for catalogs and promotional materials for the garments, which will be limited edition and will include a microchip with information about the original work.

Ignacio Alvarez swimmwear
Ingrid, a model from Vallarta, exhibits a bikini that reproduces the work "Primavera".


Ignacio Alvarez is preparing this launch in partnership with the textile designer from Guadalajara, Alexis de la Vega, in charge of making the garments and inspiring the collection. "I saw in Nacho's work, a reflection of the spirit of Puerto Vallarta," he says.

Ignacio Alvarez's work exhibits the exuberant power of life in this region: water, jungle, vegetation, animals, birds, fire ...

The details of her canvases, printed on delicate bikinis, are a real stimulus for the senses. In a first stage, twelve models of swimsuits will be presented that reflect the vitality and vital momentum of our bay.

Ignacio Alvarez is a plastic artist with extensive experience in Mexico and abroad. In recent months he has stood out for innovating in the dissemination of his art. In the midst of a pandemic, he has released, with a digital marketing campaign, reproductions of his classic works in limited edition. They are replicas on canvas, signed and retouched by the artist himself. Alvarez, with this initiative, brings his work closer to the global community, and reaches out to a new era for art.

Who is Ignacio Alvarez

Ignacio Álvarez (Ciudad Guzmán, 1957) is an artist who remains in the tireless search to discover the vital essence of nature to recreate it in his paintings, with a true ecological realism.

Álvarez's work is unique in the world. It is characterized by merge a thousand-year-old Japanese technique, known as «Norizome» (rice with colored ink), with the colors and nature of Mexico. This merger has opened the doors to the Cultural and Information Center of the Embassy of Japan to present with great success the exhibitions "Art on silk" in 2002, and "Essence of colors" in 2003.

ACQUISITION AND DELIVERY: Alexis de la Vega 322 129 4794.

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