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Mexican art: works of Nacho Alvarez in limited edition

Mexican art: works of Nacho Alvarez in limited edition

PORT PAINTERS SERIES. Four works by Nacho Alvarez, canvas replicas signed and retouched by the artist himself, go on sale at a promotional price. Mexican art recognized worldwide, available to everyone.

Four classic works by Nacho Alvarez, an internationally renowned artist from Jalisco, go on sale in limited edition: replicas on canvas, signed and retouched by the artist himself. Alvarez, a artist of permanent residence in Puerto VallartaWith this initiative, he wants to bring his work closer to the local community.

Who is Nacho Alvarez?

Ignacio Álvarez (Ciudad Guzmán, 1957) is an artist who remains in the tireless search to discover the vital essence of nature to recreate it in his paintings, with true ecological realism. Álvarez's work is unique in the world. It is characterized by merge a thousand-year-old Japanese technique, known as «Norizome» (rice with colored ink), with the colors and nature of Mexico. This merger has opened the doors to the Cultural and Information Center of the Embassy of Japan to present with great success the exhibitions "Art on silk" in 2002, and "Essence of colors" in 2003.

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The talent of Nacho Alvarez, recognized in the Mexican press.


Álvarez learned the traditional silk technique at the Japanese art school in Vancouver Canada and was a pioneer in Mexico in working it. Over time he developed his own technique, which uses 100% natural elements such as inks from raw plant extracts. It is a long and elaborate process. CIt consists in the application of natural inks that go through a delicate steam cleaning and vinegar baths with which it is achieved fixing colors.

Nacho Alvarez's silk art is his special way of celebrating life

This is how his works emerge, which are the result of a mixture of reds, blues, yellows and a range of amorphous images inspired by Mexican landscapes. In each work of the artist his mastery in the management of colors and in the multiple textures that are characterized by their great harmony and luminosity are reflected.. The paintings adapt to the design of any environment regardless of style. He has managed to create very pleasant stays in places of recognized prestige, such as El Hotelito Desconocido, located in the Puerto Vallarta area. 

In his career he has made more than 40 individual and group exhibitions. Likewise, the artist has developed interior art projects in restaurant residences in our country, as well as in Mexican restaurants abroad.

Replicas at a promotional price

There are four available works of this new limited edition of replicas on canvas: «Deep Blue», «Deep Forest», «Fire Birds» and «Spring». They measure 140cm x 120cm. Each one is personalized with unique touch-ups and the artist's personal signature. They are delivered at home throughout Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas. Delivery time is 10 days after purchase.

Original works by the same author are also available.

ACQUISITION AND DELIVERY: Alexis de la Vega 322 129 4794.

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Vallarta art, replica on canvas: «Deep blue». MX 3,850.


Vallarta art, replica on canvas: «Fire birds». MX 3,850


Nacho alvarez placeholder image
Vallarta art, replica on canvas: «Spring». MX 3,850


Vallarta art, replica on canvas: «Deep forest». MX 3,850
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