El Arrayán: fifteen years of the best Mexican food restaurant

Traditional Mexican cuisine and cooking classes in an authentic celebration of our roots. El Arrayán is a few blocks from the boardwalk.

Puerto Vallarta is a paradise that not only enjoys an excellent climate: it is also classified as the gastronomic paradise of the north coast. To demonstrate it, owners of El Arrayán, this year they took the house out of the window in terms of gastronomy with the celebration of fifteen years. We took a walk around to reiterate because it is the best Mexican food restaurant in the bay.

El Arrayán since 2003: with a privileged view

With an intimate atmosphere, and just a few blocks from the Malecón of Puerto Vallarta, El Arrayán opened its doors in November 2003, in a typical Mexican house. The name is due to the tree that lies in the center of its patio and that produces the fruit that gives its name to the restaurant. The decoration of the premises abounds in accents of Mexican art and furniture that remind us of the traditions and customs of our country.

The restaurant offers a variety of authentic Mexican dishes, rooted in the best traditional cuisine recipes, and the highest quality ingredients. They use Creole corn from the region: yellow, red and blue. But also an interesting distinction is that among the objectives of the house, is to promote the local economy. Therefore, they buy a vast majority of their fresh ingredients and produce from local producers. Among other things, for 12 years they have been teaching cooking classes in English.

Carmen Porras y Claudia Victoria.

Authentic Mexican food on the bay

El Arrayán was born from the desire to place authentic Mexican cuisine in the foreground, with unique and different dishes from different states of the Mexican Republic. But with an exquisite seasoning, incorporating pre-Hispanic ingredients such as a wide variety of chiles, corn, nopales, beans, squash and avocado in harmonious combination with ingredients of European origin that were brought to Mexico during the conquest, such as pork, beef and cheese, among others. All sauces and moles are homemade from scratch. The bar offers a good selection of regional raicillas, mezcals and tequilas, as well as international spirits and select Mexican wines.

Celebration of the XV years of El Arrayán

To celebrate, the owners of this original concept decided to delight diners by bringing the best Mexican chefs from different regions of the country, with three special dinners from May to November 2018. Without a doubt, one reason why it has been approved. by the AAA with the 3 Diamond Award Tripadvisor with the certificate of Excellence 4.5 Points. If you have any doubts as to why it is the best Mexican restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, we invite you to visit it.

Check their dinner billboard at:  www.elarrayan.com.mx

María Karina Macias Aguirre

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