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Folklore, color and music shone at FESTVA 2019

 For a week twenty folkloric groups from Mexico and other countries. Different companies presented their best dances in Puerto Vallarta to the delight of the attendees.

The folk dance represents a sea of energy on stage. Music and dance in a romance full of color and tradition. Puerto Vallarta once again witnessed Mexican pride through folklore. The participation of more than 20 companies from the Mexican Republic and from five invited countries was the highlight of this festival.

We start in May with long tablecloths. The thirteenth edition of the Vallarta Azteca International Folklore Festival was held. Event that this year will have the distinction of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Vallarta Azteca folkloric group

The Vallarta Azteca company was born 15 years ago at the initiative of the dancers Juan Antonio Salcedo and Selene Mora. It currently has its headquarters in the Pitillal delegation. They provide classes for people of all ages, of the traditional dances of our country with one objective: to promote art and culture through folklore and love for our roots.

With the firm conviction of transmitting civic and artistic values through folk dance, this pair of talented dancers traveled to different states of the Mexican Republic and the world. They shared stages with other folkloric groups. Their colleagues asked them in turn, when would they take them to dance in Vallarta? It was thus that the hard work of organization began, for a folkloric festival that today has become an international delicacy.

Inauguration of the Vallarta Azteca Festival 2019

A traditional meeting between Mexico and the world

The Vallarta Azteca festival had the idea of summoning all the states that had invited them at the time. At that time and thanks to the support of the delegations of Pitillal, Ixtapa and the Juntas in Puerto Vallarta, the dancers were given lodging at friends' houses. So, the experience was extremely warm.

The first festival was held in 2006. Government authorities were present, who, feeling pleased, invited the organizers to continue with a second event. The first year there were 6 guest states, then 12, and from festival number 8, the guest list was already international.

The Vallarta public and foreign tourism were jubilant during the presentations. In this way, the organizers saw the need to give it formality and take it to another level. Thanks to the support of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust, hotels, restaurants and the municipal government, it has been possible that year after year, this festival is held to the delight of the attendees.


FESTVA: Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO

The World Vice President of Cultural Affairs of the International Council of Organizers of Folklore and Traditional Arts Festivals (CIOFF), Alejandro Camacho González, decided to award ten festivals in the country. The Vallarta Azteca Festival was one of those chosen to use the logo as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.


This year expectations exceeded expectations. The guest list reached 20 companies from different states of the country such as: Zacatecas, Aguascalientes, Nuevo León, Nayarit, Chipas, Sonora, Durango, Sinaloa and Guanajuato. The foreign countries invited were: Italy, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia and Chile.

FESTVA 2019 Parade in Puerto Vallarta

Once again, the FESTVA took place in a glorious setting. Located on the beach, in the area where artistic or sporting events take place, better known as the IPEJAL field, in front of the Agustín Flores Contreras sports unit. The assistance of 2 thousand people per day is estimated, which results in a little more than 16 thousand people in total throughout a week.

IPEJAL land, realization of the FESTVA 2019

A free show of international stature that, according to the organizers, aims to meet the established goals: transmit national values through folk dance, remember our traditions and share our traditions with peoples from other latitudes. Brotherhood through dance, color and music.

FESTVA 2019 Parade

Without a doubt, the effort of Selene Mora and Juan Antonio Salcedo exceeded expectations. This year the festival drew sighs, smiles, applause and ovations for its quality and beauty. The dream of promoting peaceful coexistence and bringing countries together through art and culture has come true again. Next year we will look forward to it. A wonderful delicacy for all of us who live in, or visit this beautiful Bay of Banderas.


María Karina Macias Aguirre

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