You are currently viewing Marival Access, un programa que suma más de 20 mil Vallartenses

Marival Access, a program that adds more than 20 thousand Vallartenses

MARIVAL access, a free program of discounts and rewards, in support of the economy of families in Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas.

Imagine a card exclusively for local residents, from Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas, that provides discounts, prizes and rewards in more than 250 stores, that's right. MARIVAL access.

When it comes to giving sincere recognition to the preference and loyalty of local consumers, Marival Group goes further, creating MARIVAL access. A program that grants multiple benefits to its affiliates. Since, when visiting any of the consumer centers or affiliated companies, in addition to obtaining discounts, you receive 5% of your total account in points that you can use at Marival Group sites or even exchange them for electronic wallets in Liverpool.

In its beginnings it was exclusively granted to the collaborators of the Marival company, plus the potential of the program allowed it to grow and extend to the local public, growing exponentially. Seven years after its creation, the program has added more than 19,000 affiliates and more than 250 local businesses throughout the entire bay. From restaurants, bars, cafeterias, car agencies, medical services, boutiques, jewelry stores and more.

Obtaining your MARIVAL access card is as simple as having a good time

Although you have the option of requesting it online, going directly for your discount card is the perfect excuse to let yourself be pampered and have a good time at Mozza Mare, Melange Spa, nicksan or any of the Marival Group consumption centers, companies chosen for the quality of their products, services and unique experiences.

Marival Armony Luxury Resort & Suites

How do MARIVAL access cards work?

The Access program is delivered instantly, does not charge membership, It is completely free and it is also for life, your card does not have an expiration date and it is not approved, which means that you can freely share it with your friends and family. There are three levels of cards, each with different discounts.

Purple (Basic): Gives you the 15% discount at any MARIVAL access Consumption Center.

Blue (Loyalty): You can enjoy a 20% discount on your consumption. Accumulate 25 visits in 6 months and you will receive this card.

Yellow (Plus): Get a 25% discount on your purchases. Generate consumptions greater than $5,000 pesos per month for 6 months and you will be able to obtain this card.

In addition, all levels get fixed discounts and promotions in the hundreds of affiliated businesses and add points according to the amount of your consumption, which are recorded on your MARIVAL access® card and will be cumulative upon presentation. You can find out about affiliated businesses, your accumulated points and upgrades by registering (with your affiliation email) on the page

MARIVAL access an excellent way to support the local economy

Being an exclusive program for residents, it allows affiliated businesses create a bond of mutual support among the local community, on the one hand they offer a significant discount and, We all like discounts! Affiliates encourage consumption in local companies and brands. On the other hand, registering a new business is like inviting 19 thousand people to visit your business, since all affiliate members receive a direct automatic notification in their mail.

More and more people are used to always going to stores and asking for their MARIVAL access discount. And you, do you already have your card?

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