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A Tequila Taste with a good Star

We shared a Tequila Taste in Puerto Vallarta with Estrellita. A tour to delve into the nature of the traditional Mexican drink.


A tequila friend? Whether to celebrate, whet your appetite, to forget, or to erase sorrows... Tequila has become one of the most famous drinks in the world, for any event. In a cantina, restaurant or in a meeting with friends, when you think of Mexico, the first words that come to mind are mariachi, tacos, chili and, without a doubt, tequila.

No wonder: Agave production in our country is one of the largest and most fruitful in the world. It results in one of the most exquisite distillates on the planet: Tequila.

In Puerto Vallarta there are different types of tours related to the subject. We found one worth sharing not only for its authenticity, but also for the host: Estrellita, better known as Star, gives you a true explanation about the origin, history and everything that surrounds the world of Tequila, recommending price and quality. It is important to mention that the culture of Tequila in our country is very rich not only because of the history and what it represents for Mexican culture, but also because it represents a strong economic activity for hundreds and thousands of people who are involved in its production since the beginning. field, to the process, packaging and sale.


Claudio, Darrel, Clarissa and Karina in a Tequila Taste. Florios Restaurant, November 2018.

A Tequila Taste in Vallarta with a good Star

Star or Estrellita for Mexican friends is a photographer by profession and a lover of good food and Tequila. That is why we say that this is a tour with a lucky star. She has a great sympathy and charisma in her treatment, and immediately makes a good click. The tour is located in what was a house originally from the old Puerto Vallarta, which maintains its facade according to the architectural style of before and which has been converted into an elegant bar inside. There the table is set with 9 different types of Tequila.

The ancestral history of tequila has to do with Quetazlcoatl, the Aztec and/or Mayan ruler and god, who represents one of the most important deities in the pre-Hispanic world of our ancestral Mexican culture. Little by little between the telling of the story, he gives us the first taste of tequila, starting with the youngest: the whites.

He immediately takes us by the hand to learn to differentiate the different types of Tequila: white, reposado and añejo, getting to know them practically using all the senses, from their smell and taste, and even observing their body and feeling their texture with their hands. A truly mind-blowing experience for all of us who are kinesthetic.


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Claudio Fabian Guevara