You are currently viewing Vista Paraíso: un rancho a la altura del cielo 

Vista Paraíso: a ranch at the height of the sky 

Rest, nature, good food, and adventure tourism with the best views of the Bay of Banderas. Just 40 minutes from Puerto Vallarta, in Punta de Mita.

On our tours, we find a place that has everything to spend a luxurious weekend. If you live in the region or come on vacation, you can't miss an incredible option for the whole family.

On the Litibú – Higuera Blanca highway, 40 minutes from the town of Higuera Blanca in Punta de Mita, is Rancho Vista Paraíso: a space of approximately 750 hectares full of vegetation everywhere. An immense terrain for those who need to look at the horizon and embrace nature in all four directions.

►Options for the whole family

Find a place for all family members to enjoy. it is not very easy to say. However, in Paradise View They have thought of everything, so that everyone can enjoy different activities.

►Riding school

Horses are beautiful and inspiring animals. So while the little ones learn everything about their care and feeding, and even how to ride them and make small jumps, the older ones can enjoy different options at the ranch.

Rancho Vista Paraíso
Paradise view. Horseback-riding school

Contact with these beautiful animals represents more than we think. Horses are docile, intelligent and extremely noble animals. On the ranch, they occupy a very special place and the activities that revolve around them are incredible for children and teenagers. For adults, horseback riding is a true delight for the eyes. The best beaches in the region are the ideal setting for this guided tour, with the highest quality standards.

►A rest day in Vista paraíso

Spending the day at the ranch is simply refreshing. The rest areas become one of the favorite places for good talks. Or how about a nap in a comfortable Mexican-style repose, after enjoying the delicacies offered by the restaurant at truly affordable prices.

Rancho familiar
Paradise view. Rest areas

►Hiking and trekking

This ranch has been characterized for having the best views of the bay. And if you also like nature, there is no better combination than these outdoor activities.

Conquering the Cerro del Mono is not just anything. This is the highest peak in the Bahía de Banderas region and is located between Higuera Blanca and sayulita. It is said that ancient civilizations lived in these places; there are even petroglyphs along the way. So in any of its modalities, whether sports or recreational, walking is one of the most enjoyable activities in Vista Paraíso.

►Ride in Razer and motorcycle

For lovers of speed and fun experiences, rides on a Razer or motorcycle cannot be missing. Following the paths into the jungle has never been so exciting. In this large expanse of land, you can enjoy the flora and fauna of the region. Can you imagine turning off the engine for a moment and listening to the song of one of the more than 300 endemic birds? Entering this tropical forest can be a unique experience.

►A high Canopy

Breathing the fresh air offered by huge trees like Parotas or Huanacaxtles is priceless. And for those who like to caress the sky and enjoy the best views, the Canopy is definitely the option. Here I make a special note. Of all the canopies I've traveled, this one has been specially taken care of, so that you can enjoy the entire ride without having to pay attention to the brake.

Throughout the tour the guide is in charge of doing it, which makes you truly enjoy the view. In addition, the place has viewpoints where you can perfectly appreciate the coastal area of Punta de mita and the Marietas Islands.

Rancho Vista Paraíso
Paradise view. Canopy at the height of the sky

►How to get there

You have two options: you can take the new highway La Cruz de Huanacaxtle – Punta de Mita, and you will arrive in 25 minutes from Nuevo Vallarta. You can also take the federal highway 200 Vallarta-Sayulita, and turn right just at the entrance to Sayulita, without going into town. Continue along the road until you reach Higuera Blanca. In both cases, you do not travel more than 40 minutes from Nuevo Vallarta to get to Vista Paraiso Ranch.

►A movie experience

Well, if the filmmaker Alfonoso Cuarón, the actor Robert Downey Jr. and even the Kardashian sisters have had fun in this beautiful place, why shouldn't we?

The next time you want to enjoy a very Mexican-style movie experience, don't miss Paradise View: a ranch at the height of the sky.


María Karina Macias Aguirre