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Marival Armony, luxury and comfort in a natural style

The Riviera Nayarit is a fashionable destination in the world and is constantly evolving. Proof of this is the opening of Marival Armony.

The Riviera Nayarit is among the most requested beach destinations in the world. Artists and famous Hollywood personalities choose to escape to this Pacific region to enjoy a well-deserved vacation at the most luxurious resorts in the country. Just in the last decade  Mita's tip, It has become the most exclusive place in Mexico to vacation. This region of the municipality of Bahía de Banderas Nayarit currently houses some of the most prestigious hotel chains in the tourism segment.

This is the case of the recently inaugurated Marival® Harmony Luxury Resort & Suites, which after 30 years of being a leading hotel group in the region and a pioneer in the All Inclusive concept, surprises us with the opening of its Resort in Punta de Mita, Nayarit.

Punta de Mita
Marival Harmony

Nature in harmony with rest

Simplicity is synonymous with elegance. This simple and natural concept represents the four elements in harmony with the human being. Its minimalist style makes everything look almost artistic as a whole. Wooden finishes, exotic plants and organic touches decoration make the perfect combination with the sunsets and the sea.

Its huge palapas and endemic vegetation refresh the environment with the smell of the tide, resulting in a true delight for the senses. In my opinion, the style of this beautiful Resort is linked to an extremely fine concept that makes you feel in paradise. From a small waterfall, which crosses the hotel and reaches the sea, to the experience of relaxing in a Jacuzzi, with a privileged view of the outdoor vegetation. Every detail has been finely cared for so that your encounter with nature is in an environment of total comfort.

Marival Armony
Palapa of La Brise Restaurant

But that's not all, imagine that the rooms have been designed so that you can choose the view you prefer. How about a room with the best sunset? Do you prefer to go unnoticed among the prodigal vegetation of the region? or Are you one of those who get lost in the infinity of the ocean? Well, here they take care of pleasing the most demanding taste.

Marival Armony
Armony Ocean View Suite

Gourmet meals with a unique touch

At Armony they take care of every detail so that the experience is pleasant. In the hotel restaurants, the dishes are designed for you to eat exquisite and gourmet. Portions are moderate, but you always leave satisfied. (Don't miss the rice with curry vegetables and the apple dessert) a scrumptious delight…

A naturally familiar experience

Every traveler is a natural discoverer. Here the guest becomes an explorer of pleasure. At least that was my experience. Best of all, its pools, rooms, and restaurants were meticulously designed to satisfy all members of the family. From pools and fun areas for the kids, to the most exclusive places for adults such as: the Melange Spa, which will make you feel like the gods of Olympus themselves.

And for those who love the night, do not miss the different bars and restaurants that are located throughout the hotel, such as the exclusive Insu Sky Lounge, for refined tastes.

Marival Armony en Punta de Mita
Family experience at Armony

Grupo Marival was the pioneer in Mexico in the All Inclusive concept. In such a way that for those of us who travel as a family, this modality really allows us to enjoy a hotel with first-class facilities, quality food and various amenities, with incredible rates!

If you are already planning your next vacation, I suggest you go ahead and review the opening promotions. You will not regret it. Marival Armony is undoubtedly a naturally mystical experience.


María Karina Macias Aguirre