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Corral del Risco and Punta de Mita: from simplicity to glamour

On the northern peninsula of Banderas Bay, this fishing settlement turned luxury development combines the charms of small-town life with the charm of a small town. with the best hotels in the world.

Punta de Mita, Corral del Risco or Nuevo Corral del Risco has three names and many stories. This town, located on the small peninsula located at the northern tip of Banderas Bay, has a tradition of more than 60 years. Initially, the settlement was registered on the outer side of the protruding isthmus, where the Punta Mita development is located today. This now covers most of the territory. The town was relocated to the interior area of the bay about 25 years ago.

Punta de Mita, Corral del Risco, Nuevo Corral del Risco

Nuevo Corral del Risco currently has a population of around two thousand people. According to the residents, only about 120 people are authentically native to the area. The families know each other perfectly. They dedicate most of their economic activity to fishing and tourism. The rest, which is added as a majority to the numbers, tends to be a floating population.

Punta de Mita Beaches

This region of the Bay of Banderas belonging to the municipality of the same name has at least three beautiful beaches:

  • La Lancha, relatively virgin land in terms of developments facing the sea.
  • El Anclote Beach, where the largest fishing activity takes place and tour operator in pangas to the most iconic place in the entire bay: the Marietas Islands.
  • Las Cocinas Beach.

Punta de Mita, Corral del Risco, Nuevo Corral del Risco

Where to eat in Punta de Mita

Nuevo Corral del Risco or Punta de Mita has an extensive and extraordinary variety of gastronomy. Where is it recommended to eat? The alternatives are varied. You can opt for the classic palapas on the beach with the most emblematic and traditional dishes of Nayarit. There are also haute cuisine restaurants by the sea. These mix Mexican gastronomic culture with exquisite international touches, which allow all visitors to choose their greatest whim. The restaurant area covers at least 500 meters of options that are joined by spas and shops selling various Mexican souvenirs.

Things to do in Punta de Mita

What activities can be enjoyed in this incredible territory of the Riviera Nayarit?

  • Visit the Marietas Islands: The greatest concentration of maritime vehicles occurs in front of the Anclote. There dozens of pangas wait for visitors to take them to visit the Marietas Islands all year round.
  • Whale watching: In the winter season, until the middle of March, you can enjoy the humpback whale watching. These beautiful cetaceans gather in the Banderas Bay by the hundreds, since the Pacific waters in this area meet the climatic and food conditions for their gestation and reproduction.

Punta de Mita, Corral del Risco, Nuevo Corral del Risco

  • To practice water sports: Another of the activities in the area is surfing and stand up paddle, and sport fishing. There are dozens of spaces in the place that offer the experience of each of these activities. These offer from just the accessories to the very introduction of the sport in the company of professionals.
  • Admire the sunsets: From any point in Punta de Mita you can enjoy the best sunsets before the beautiful Marietas Islands.
  • Enjoy the best hotels: If there is a place that stands out for its hotel industry and tourism development in the Bay of Banderas, from the southern area of Cabo Corrientes to the northern area, it is Nuevo Corral del Risco. It has the most luxurious hotels nationally and worldwide. It is also possible to stay in small bungalows and high quality four and five star hotels.


Punta de Mita, Corral del Risco, Nuevo Corral del Risco


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