You are currently viewing Río Los Horcones, un maravilloso y tranquilo lugar en la zona de Cabo Corrientes

Los Horcones River, a wonderful and quiet place in the Cabo Corrientes area

There is a wonderful and quiet place hidden in the area of Cabo Corrientes and Boca de Tomatlán, it is the Río de los Horcones. Considered the cleanest river in Jalisco, it is a vital artery for the ecosystem and a meeting point to disconnect.

Río los Horcones is a stream in Jalisco, located near Boca de Tomatlán and La Quebrada. The place is surrounded by nature, trees, a palapa and a very popular Canopy. It is known among the locals as a point to cool off and get together with the family for free.

The Los Horcones River is the last dam-free river flowing freely from the Sierra Madre Occidental. It is considered the cleanest river in Jalisco, in addition to being the best preserved, and it is protected by the community of Boca de Tomatlán and residents who live from tourism, since it is a vital artery for the ecosystem and the life cycle of the bay.

Many species of North American mammals and felines take shelter in the mountains around the riverbed, which at its mouth gives life to Tomatlan mouth, regulating the climate and water temperature in that part of the bay, from where the water taxis depart to the south.

The place has a beautiful view between the mountains, the trees and the rainwater. In addition, they have built several stairs and a suspension bridge that passes over the riverbed. It is a point to disconnect and relax among nature.

It is recommended to bring something to drink and eat, and always preserve the environment by NOT leaving garbage in the place. The river, being a balancer of the entire ecosystem, is a very careful space since if it were altered, it would bring negative consequences to the entire area, not only to the very periphery of the river, various biologists have warned.