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A thousand and one stories of Hidden Mexico in a single tour

México Escondido is an interweaving of stories and tasting experiences. It is a tour par excellence for travelers interested in a cultural immersion bath in this wonderful country.

Hidden Mexico It is the tour par excellence of Vallarta Adventures for travelers interested in a cultural immersion bath in this wonderful country.

It is a tour of hidden places in Bahía de Banderas, which are a few steps away but unnoticed by many. A perfect opportunity to delve into a detailed explanation of smells and flavors. To know the reason for each thing, the most delicious stories of Mexican mythology and the most characteristic characters of the place.

México escondidoMéxico Escondido is an interweaving of stories and tasting experiences. It begins with a walk through the flora and fauna of the area, stopping at the El Nogalito Garden of the Santana family, an emblem of traditional Vallarta. The tour continues to the North with the petroglyphs of Las Juntas and Los Veranos, an enigmatic sanctuary of shapes and signs that carry messages thousands of years old. And it goes towards The Tuito, one of the oldest and most characteristic towns in the area, which many years ago served as the commercial capital of the area.

México escondido
A message from thousands of years: the petroglyphs of Las Juntas and Los Veranos.

Oral histories narrated with art

Each stop is the subject of tasty oral histories, artfully narrated by veteran guides. These demonstrate wisdom in many fields: from botany and zoology to ancient and contemporary history. A corner, a flower, a bridge or a small reptile are enough subject for a surprising story, full of suggestive and inspiring details.

Why were Adams chewing gums invented in Mexico? What does the word "apapacho" mean? How was Mexico City created according to mythology?»

For this reason, México Escondido is a tour that contains a thousand and one stories in a single tour. It is designed for those travelers who want to get to know Mexico in depth. It delves into the everyday country with its flesh and blood heroes in every corner, the roots of magical and colonial Mexico still present in wildlife and in urban vestiges. Along the way there will be opportunities to enjoy the taste of tequila, raicilla, a good coffee or a “quesadilla without cheese”. Each experience will be sublimated by an explanation of its origin and its meaning.

An experience that is necessary to live

Among other experiences, the México Escondido tour includes a visit to the old house of Manuel Lepe, the emblematic painter of Puerto Vallarta, today converted into an art sanctuary; a talk with a local craftsman who works the heaviest wood in the world -a rarity protected by law, a tradition that still persists in the area-, and the tasting of a flavored bread, with a recipe handed down through generations, prepared in a clay oven embedded in the mountain.

México escondido
Hidden Mexico: a clay oven embedded in the side of a mountain.

Halfway through the tour, the highlight of the tour is lunch: at a ranch in the middle of the jungle, at large wooden tables planted in the bed of a stream, a round of typical meals eaten by diners with their bare feet sunk in fresh and crystal clear water.

Needless to say, this is the most exotic and exhilarating culinary experience one can imagine.

That cannot be explained: it is necessary to live it.

México escondido




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