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Nicksan, gastronomic fantasy of a thousand colors and flavors

Can you imagine a fusion between Japanese and Mexican food, with the quality of a signature cuisine? The result is a true work of culinary art and we have it in Nuevo Vallarta.

If there is something I like in life, besides writing, it is eating. And eat rich. one of my Favorite cuisines, besides Mexican, is the eastern. When they told me that there was a fusion between the two and that the Nicksan restaurant was the best in Mexico, I couldn't believe it: I definitely had to check it out. 

Nicksan: a culinary work of art between Japan and Mexico 

Arriving at a restaurant with high expectations is one of my favorite experiences. So if I had to compare a dish of nicksan cWith something, I would definitely do with a Paul Klee or Gauguin canvas, full of colors and textures. Each of the dishes is finely cared for down to the last detail. Which made me think before trying it if it looks like this how will it taste?

We begin with the entrance: some delicious tuna and salmon toast, garnished with purple onion, habanero pepper, chives, serranito sauce (first house secret) and black sesame seeds. A unique flavor! The most chic thing is that they are prepared on a toasted wonton paste (a crispy and delicious rice paste) that I had never tried before. With those little toasts and a fresh Lychee Martini we begin this gastronomic adventure.

Nicksan is signature cuisine. It is a fusion restaurant, not a typical Japanese sushi restaurant. Here the chef's secret is the sauces and dressings that they put on the dishes and that you will not find anywhere else.

The King of the Yakimeshi, in Nuevo Vallarta

This is one of the unmissable dishes for everyone like me who loves oriental food. He Nicksan's mixed yakimeshi is a dish out of orbit. I tried to get the secret out of our waiter, but I failed. The only thing I could identify, besides the crispy vegetables and soft meat, is that it's made with an egg-based secret sauce, which makes it creamy delicious. Oliver, the waiter, warned me: "It's not because I work here, but this is the best Yakimeshi there is." I think he was not wrong...

The best Yakimeshi in the world? It is in Nicksan Nuevo Vallarta.


Another thing I discovered is that there are many similarities between the Mexican and Japanese ingredients. Spicy is also part of some of the dishes, such as seared tuna sashimi and fish. Both are seasoned with a special sauce: one with Ponzu Soy Sauce and the other with Serranito Sauce, which once again appeared to impress us. 

Sushi: a roll of pleasure for the palate

I love sushi. Therefore, I go everywhere I can. The only thing I can tell you about this Sushi is that it is one of the best I've tried in my life. I had already been told that Nicksan was famous for its Sushi. And they definitely hit the mark. So far I was going from ecstasy to ecstasy. We finish with the main course: the Green Tea Pasta with Shrimp. Highly recommended to those who are voraciously hungry and want to taste something exquisite.

Friendship, food and creativity 

The best stories are those that involve a friendship. This is how Nicksan was born 26 years ago. When Angel Carbajal and Masayuki Niikura They decided to unite their talents and brought this concept to life, which has 6 restaurants throughout Mexico. I ate at the one in Nuevo Vallarta, one of the most recommended by locals and tourists on Tripadvisor and in

Eating in a restaurant with signature cuisine is a delight. Having eaten at Nicksan was absolutely a privilege for my senses. If you dare to explore the experience, I assure you that after eating at #Nicksan Your idea of the exquisite will be surpassed...

Cucumber Salad, a Nicksan exclusive.

Nicksan Nuevo Vallarta: Keys

  • Nicksan is open to the local and foreign community every day of the year. 
  • The average cost per person for a regular meal is around $440.00 M/N (without alcoholic beverages)
  • 70% of their dishes are raw food (high quality fresh fish) 
  • Among the awards received by the group are the Gold Star for business merit, the H distinction and recognition as an approved restaurant with three diamonds, from AAA.

Reservations: (322) 297-2464

Hours: 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Address: Paseo Cocoteros No.53, Nuevo Vallarta Hotel Zone
Interior Plaza Residences

María Karina Macias Aguirre

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