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Exclusive Yachts in Puerto Vallarta: glamor, fun and relaxation

Exclusive Yachts in Puerto Vallarta: glamor, fun and relaxation

We are used to looking at the horizon from the beach. Have you ever stopped to observe the beauty of our city from the sea? Exclusive Yachts gives you another perspective on joy in Puerto Vallarta: charter your own yacht to sail the bay.

By Karina Macías 

I will not forget the first time I got on a yacht in Puerto Vallarta. The sunset completely bathed the mountain with orange and pink glints as a reflection of the clouds. Seeing it as a giant postcard from the sea took my breath away. Then the night came and the music would liven up a great party, just to start the adventure on board ... 

After that great experience, I don't miss the opportunity to ride a yacht whenever I can. And it is that each and every one of yacht rides have a special magic. Of course the company is essential to achieve the task. And it depends on the event and the schedule, you can enjoy the glamor that that represents. 

"Because life is tastier at sea and much more on yachts ..."

If you live in Vallarta or come to visit you cannot miss a trip on board with your friends or family. How about enjoying a walk along the exotic beaches of Puerto Vallarta? A good bikini, suntan lotion, music and refreshing drinks to liven up the day. 

Generally these types of tours offer you activities such as snorkeling, kayaking or paddleboarding, which will make your ride unforgettable. Beaches like Yelapa, Quimixto, The souls, or even Los Arcos National Park, are perfect settings to enjoy the turquoise waters that the bay offers. Day trips are ideal to do with family or friends. 

Yacht trips: the perfect setting for a romantic celebration 

I have always thought that a yacht trip gives us another perspective on reality. The simple fact of observing with different eyes, or from another angle the place where we usually are, gives us another dimension of things. With great elegance, the yacht trip has become a relaxing and renewing experience that gives us time to think and take a break from everyday stress.  

A good red wine and the perfect company are the binomial perfect for a romantic celebration. Which is why many couples choose an exclusive yacht to celebrate their wedding or anniversary. 

Exclusive Yachts, yacht rental in Puerto Vallarta

Yacht Fishing in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit

Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit have a long history in the deportive fishing. Every year for decades, international competitions offering great prizes have been held. But there are those who prefer just to meet friends and go fishing together, to enjoy everything that this experience contains.

At dawn still, you find the sea almost like a carpet. Its stillness allows you to enter a state of relaxation that you definitely cannot find anywhere. This type of walk gives you the opportunity to observe unmissable details such as the exuberance of the mountain or the sunrise. In addition, this light allows you to take the best photos of the city, from the sea. And if by the way, you achieve take home a sole or dorado to grillWell, the trip was definitely worth it. 

Exclusive Yachts: more than an experience at sea 

In the bay there are many options, but you have to take care of important details that will make your yacht trip safe and unforgettable. 

Exclusive Yachts he offers you 7 luxurious boats, with different capacities from 12 to 30 people. They have a professional captain and crew, who will give you a safe tour of the waters of our bay. The experience of this company for 20 years has made it one of the most sought after by customers. Boats of great luxury and fine finishes, with all the amenities will make your experience; a unique ride. 

Exclusive Yachts, yacht rental in Puerto Vallarta

Another factor that you should not go unnoticed is that this company gives you a travel insurance, which guarantees a quiet transfer for you and your family, (including children and babies) in addition to having life jackets and all the essential items to feel comfortable at sea. This company will be attentive to the finest detail that they require, including the culinary experience that you decide to live on board.

Exclusive Yachts, yacht rental in Puerto Vallarta

If you live in Vallarta or are vacationing, you cannot afford to enjoy Exclusive Yachts, an experience worth living.

MarÃa Karina Macias Aguirre

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