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Las Animas, benefits on land and sea

Cabo Corrientes gives us Las Animas, with its fine golden sand, its turquoise and calm waters. It is a mandatory stop if you visit Cabo Corrientes.

To get to Las Animas the easiest way is to take a water taxi or as they are known locally a “panga” but if adventure calls you you can get there on foot. To go on the hiking path, a good condition is recommended. The tour starts with Tomatlan mouth, which is the last stop of urban transport, passing through Colomitos and Caballo beach to reach the final destination. During the path between the jungle and the mountains you will have the opportunity to admire various types of birds, insects, some species of reptiles and many kinds of plants. While the seascape makes its brief but spectacular appearances.

Las Animas is a place of exotic flavors

When you arrive by sea, its wide pier welcomes you, and the local people come to you to offer you an incredible souvenir photo. The secret of such a great souvenir photo is the huge iguana that put you on your shoulders. There is nothing to fear, these animals are used to being among people to always be calm. There is no need to suffer grief for them either, their owners take care of them and feed them in the best way.

Las Animas is recognized for the benefits that its land provides. Mango, papaya, and coconut and banana palm trees invade the roads with their sweet aromas. There is nothing better than having a good fresh juice by the sea while you sink your toes in the soft sand. Although the land shines with its fruit gifts, the sea also seeks to stand out with its fresh benefits. The town's rustic restaurants serve an unparalleled variety of seafood, always fresh out of the day.

Walk your sky and sea

The waves that come and go create a simple melody that mesmerizes and makes you forget all your worries. The tide in the area is perfect for activities such as snorkeling. Take a look at the festival of colors under the sea. If adrenaline is more your thing, you can get on the parachute and appreciate the great view from the heights. From the depths to the heights, from any angle, Playa las Animas is the perfect escape from monotony. The town has other activities, such as a tequila tour, motorcycle or horseback riding, and adventure tours such as zip lines.

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This place is part of an ejido that is under the protection of indigenous communities. We are talking about the community of Chacala, a picturesque site that is also highly recommended to visit. In a few words, Las Animas is a little piece of paradisiacal heaven in the Mexican Pacific. The diversity of its wildlife makes it one of the most privileged beaches. For this reason, it is about taking care of every aspect to continue conserving its virgin nature, defeating the adversities of time and human passage.

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