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Boca de Tomatlán, another window to paradise

Boca de Tomatlán is a fishing village that serves as the entrance to other paradisiacal beaches adjacent to the municipality of Cabo Corrientes.

Boca de Tomatlán is the last stop on the urban transport route that leaves Puerto Vallarta. With a distance of 17 km, this picturesque town takes us between 20 and 25 minutes to go along highway 200. If you go by car, the journey can be faster. Arriving at the place there are several parking lots, in which for a fee they take care of your car. Boca de Tomatlán is another of the fishing communities in the region, where you can arrive by land and sea.

This small town is known for being the departure point for boats and small boats, better known as water taxis, that take you to other nearby beach towns. For example: Yelapa, Majahuitas, Quimixto, Las Ánimas and Colomitos, beaches that stand out for the turquoise of their waters, and the contrast caused by the exuberant green of the mountain. You can also get to some of these wonderful beaches in Cabo Corrientes, along the path between the mountains, but the most common and recommended way is by sea.

Playas de Cabo corrientes
Boca de Tomatlán, embarkation port heading south of the bay

Ecotourism in Boca de Tomatlán

You can practice various water and land activities. It is recommended that you go hiking with fresh clothes, tennis shoes and a small backpack with what you need. The main items are a bottle of water, sunscreen, and repellent. In these tours you will have the opportunity to admire birds, reptiles, and endemic flora of the place.

Other incredible sports that can be done in the area are: snorkeling, sport fishing, kayaking and diving, to name a few. The beauty of nature will not cease to amaze you with the diversity of marine species and their colors. Just a fantasy world.

Passing Boca de Tomatlán, there is the road to the Botanical Garden of Puerto Vallarta. The colors of the flowers and the song of the birds create a fairytale environment for those who are close to the area.

Boca de Tomatlán can be confused with Boca de Tomates. The main difference is that the first is to the south and is the port for small boats to Cabo Corrientes. While Boca de Tomates, is located north of Puerto Vallarta, right away from the International Airport.

The river that flows into the beach of Boca de Tomatlán is known as "horcones" and its course is modified throughout the year. During the rainy season its strength and size increases, but with this, its flow brings more life to the vegetation in the area. In the place, there are rustic restaurants on the shore of the beach that are distinguished because they extract their main ingredients from the benefits of the sea. From 10 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon, you can taste great seafood and local dishes. Going up towards the town, towards the direction of the mountain, you will be able to find small shops and places with Mexican appetizers and refreshing waters.

Boca de Tomatlán, a mountain view like no other

This small bay boasts of having the Sierra Madre as its head pillow, with a truly unique vegetation. Despite how steep the slopes of the hill can be, there are lucky people who have their houses with unbeatable views.

Another thing to highlight is the clarity and emerald color of its waters. Just 5 minutes away is the Los Arcos National Park, there you have the possibility to explore towards the depth, a whole marine ecosystem full of fish of a thousand colors.

Its people walk proud to live in such a beautiful place and full of so much nature. Unlike the big cities, they will never be able to complain about the noise and traffic of cars, nor about the stress that comes with living so fast.

The people of the town work in Vallarta or nearby beaches in the region. They know their land like the back of their hand. They eat what they catch and live enjoying the taste of life that Boca de Tomatlán gives them; another window to paradise.

Boca de Tomatlán, vegetación exuberante de la Sierra Madre
Boca de Tomatlán, crystalline turquoise waters
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