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Motorcycle routes through Puerto Vallarta Mexico: an adventure full of adrenaline

Puerto Vallarta is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico. And its natural beauty, vibrant nightlife and rich culture make it an ideal place for lovers of motorcycles They can travel their routes and enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

Do you want to know what they are about? Then don't miss the following guide and get excited to explore the region in a unique way.

The 3 best motorcycle routes through Puerto Vallarta, Mexico:

  1. Puerto Vallarta to Yelapa

This route is one of the most popular in the region, and along the way, motorcyclists will be able to enjoy stunning views of the beaches, mountains, and nearby islands.

This journey is approximately 40 kilometers long, starting in Puerto Vallarta and going up the mountain until you reach Yelapa, a beautiful hidden beach with white sands and crystal clear waters.

  1. Puerto Vallarta to Sayulita

The road begins in Puerto Vallarta and follows Federal Highway 200 until it reaches Sayulita. It is a route of approximately 30 kilometers that crosses towns such as Bucerías, Punta de Mita and offers a wide variety of activities, from surfing and yoga, to enjoying its nightlife.

Therefore, this route is an excellent option for motorcyclists looking for an adventure full of adrenaline and coastal landscapes.

  1. Puerto Vallarta to Mascota

This route is an excellent option for nature lovers. The road begins in Puerto Vallarta and extends for about 100 kilometers, crossing the Sierra Madre Occidental and climbing the mountain until it reaches Mascota.

For motorcyclists, this route offers a longer and more challenging route than those mentioned above, where you can enjoy impressive views of the mountains, valleys and rivers in the area.

Choose the right motorcycle to travel the routes that Mexico has to offer on two wheels

The type of motorcycle suitable for a motorcycle tour of Puerto Vallarta will depend on the route chosen and the level of experience of the motorcyclist.

However, some of the aspects that you should evaluate are: the type of scooter, the displacement, the suspension, the tires, the load capacity, maintenance and fuel consumption.

Regarding the type of motorcycle, touring motorcycles are an excellent option for exploring routes in Mexico, since they are designed to offer comfort over long distances and provide good performance on paved roads.

In this sense, a model to consider is the Vento GTS 300 motorcycle, a high-displacement motorcycle, 278 cc, that provides enough power to face various routes. Its design, comfort and load capacity make it a suitable choice for road adventures.

Added to this, it is highly efficient in terms of fuel consumption, which is beneficial for long trips.


Claudio Fabian Guevara