You are currently viewing Campestre Las Parotas, el lugar que todos buscamos el fin de semana

Campestre Las Parotas, the place we all look for on the weekend

A ranch breakfast in El Tuito, with a clay kitchen and in the shade of three parotas: a family experience of rest and recreation, for an unbeatable price. Campestre Las Parotas is an ideal getaway for the weekend.

Weekends were made to enjoy, eat delicious food and rest. Campestre Las Parotas, in El Tuito, is a place that was born to remind us that our mother earth provides us with everything necessary to be in harmony with her. This is how this beautiful restaurant came about, the creation of the well-known Dr. Valeria Lizaola.

The experience begins when you embark on your journey to El Tuito from Puerto Vallarta. The landscape on the road to this old mountain town in Jalisco is beautiful from the beginning. First we are dazzled by the beauty of the beaches that adorn federal highway 200 heading south. Then the vegetation and climate begin to change, replacing the palm trees with papelillo trees, parotas and large pines that flood the environment with freshness.

Once you reach El Tuito, to the left, passing the gas station in front of the town, there is the deviation towards Campestre Las Parotas. It is a place that you cannot miss if you want to have a delicious breakfast with unparalleled seasoning.

A Mexican buffet worth bragging about

Campestre Las Parotas offers a delicious Mexican buffet that includes drinks: Coffee from pot, atole, tea, fresh waters. On the menu there is everything from Menudo and Birria to stews such as: Rib in green or red sauce, Machaca, red chilaquiles, rice, fried beans, chicken with mole, sautéed beef, picadillo, birria tacos, eggs to taste, molletes, pinchadas , enchiladas and for the little ones even hot cakes. Without forgetting the traditional bread and the handmade tortillas and sauces.

All the dishes are made by cooks originally from El Tuito, so if you are looking for a true Mexican culinary experience, you will find it here.

Family atmosphere surrounded by nature

If we add to that that the atmosphere is family-friendly, surrounded by the beautiful El Tuito mountain range, the place becomes an oasis where all family members can enjoy. It has swings for the little ones and two friendly macaws (Pancho and Macario) that become the attraction of the place.

This beautiful restaurant has thought of everything, there is even a special terrace called “El Mal del puerco” with hammocks to rest the food after the gastronomic feast, in the finest style of a typical Mexican town.

Its host and owner, Valeria Lizaola, is an excellent host, she takes care of even the smallest details, so that all diners traveling from Vallarta or surrounding municipalities enjoy every moment of their stay.

Remember, if you want to have authentic Mexican food for breakfast and enjoy a different Mexican-style weekend, visit Campestre Las Parotas.

Campestre Las Parotas. Pirul 37, Col. La Haciendita, 48400 El Tuito, Jal.

Hours: Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 2 pm.

$250.00 adults 

$150.00 children from 5 to 11 years old

Claudio Fabian Guevara