You are currently viewing Puerto Vallarta es sede del XVII Campeonato Nacional Charro

Puerto Vallarta is the site of the XVII National Charro Championship

From March 7 to 10, in Bahía de Banderas, charrería will be the dish of honor for nationals and foreigners. What skills can we see in the XVII National Charro Championship?

Our destination has become the headquarters of the XVII National Charro Championship. An event that by tradition has raised the name of Puerto Vallarta Like a typical Mexican town. And if something distinguishes us from the rest of the beach destinations in the country, it is that, our Mexicanness.

Charrería: a sport that exalts us as Mexicans

Charrería became an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, by UNESCO, since December 1, 2016. This Mexican sport brings together a set of equestrian skills and abilities commonly called “Suertes”, carried out by a Mexican charro or cowboy .

But when we talk about "Luck" in the Charrería, what do we mean?

The lucks are the skills performed by the charro in question. A beautiful and varied variety are made, however 9 are considered for competition:

  • Horse Cove.
  • manganas on foot
  • Piales on the canvas.
  • coleadero.
  • Manganas on horseback
  • Terna in the ring
  • Bull rider.
  • pass of death
  • Mare rider.

XVII Campeonato Nacional Charro

Escaramuzas: The beauty of the Mexican woman in full color

The female presence cannot be absent from the show. This is how the skirmishes or charro women are present with the beauty that characterizes them. With the rhythm of the Zacatecas March, the charreada begins with a parade. Here the different participating teams are presented to later develop the aforementioned luck.

XVII Campeonato Nacional Charro

The show for the foreign community of the bay

The charreadas are increasingly recognized by the foreign community, since they represent our traditions.

Usually the charrería takes place in places called lienzos charros, which due to their shape are similar to bullrings, but on a smaller scale.

In our city, the charro canvas Miguel "Prieto" Ibarría, has regularly been the scene of these beautiful shows. Thus, the XVII edition of the 2019 Charro Vallarta National Championship was inaugurated this Thursday afternoon. The mayor of the city, Arturo Dávalos Peña, welcomed the 19 competing teams from different entities of the country, including 8 from the local scene.

XVII Campeonato Nacional Charro

A family with charro tradition in Puerto Vallarta

The members of the organizing committee were present at the opening ceremony. Among them Daniel Ibarría López, (president) and Armando Ibarría Urrutia, as well as Francisco Lozano Mendoza, judge of the Mexican Charrería Federation. There was also the representative of the Union of Charras Associations of the Coast of the State of Jalisco, Jesus Santana, among others.

If you like the charra party, don't miss this weekend the XVII National Charro Championship. A show full of color, music, tradition.


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