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Casa Kimberly , a haven of love in Vallarta

The Kimberly House was witness to the romance between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. It is since the 60's that the love of the famous couple left its mark in the history of Puerto Vallarta.

The Kimberly House was the favorite site of Richard Burton and elizabeth taylor, both big Hollywood stars in the 60's. At that time, the two maintained a separate relationship, as they were married; However, that was not an impediment for them to have a connection that would be consolidated during the filming of the movie "La Noche de la Iguana". This great romance was the trigger for substantial changes to take place for the then small fishing village, marking a before and after in the lives of many people. The Pope in those years harshly criticized the relationship that the couple had in Puerto Vallarta, which caused the press around the world to put the spotlight on this typical Mexican town. For this reason, the filming of this film continues to be remembered as a key point in the history of the city.

Elizabeth and Richard's love nest in Vallarta

After the ups and downs that happened before, during and after filming, the couple chose Puerto Vallarta as their love nest. Burton bought the Kimberly House, which would later become the actress's quarters. For his part, he would settle in the house opposite and in order to be able to communicate permanently, he had a bridge built that would be the icon of their romance today.

Kimberly House today

Casa Kimberly is located at 445 Zaragoza street, in the central neighborhood. You can go up that street or there is another alternative route. at the end of the Cuale River Island there is a bridge that connects to Gringo Gulch and goes almost directly to what was once the home of the actors. The old locals tell how they saw the couple walk along the beaches of the bay, go to restaurants and enjoy the benefits of Vallarta.

When the couple ended their relationship, desolation also came, the house that was their love refuge in Vallarta, was abandoned for several years until it was put up for sale. However, so much love could not remain anonymous and indifference. That romance radiated its light throughout the world and that story had to end in the same way.

Now it is a beautiful boutique hotel, which keeps in its walls the intense romance of these Hollywood stars. Before, you could access the Kimberly House, as if it were a museum. Now we can only appreciate its architecture from the outside, or take a beautiful photo under its bridge. It is curious to imagine that in the places where we wrote our history there are already many more anecdotes that are told. Undoubtedly knowing the Kimberly house is knowing an important part of the history of our city and living love like a movie.

Centro de Puerto Vallarta, casa Kimberly
Kiberly House in Puerto Vallarta / Photo: César Girón
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