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September in the History of Puerto Vallarta

September is a very important month, not only for patriotic reasons, but also because our city remembers a man who portrayed Puerto Vallarta in a very unique way and his work has become an icon of our history. Commemorating Manuel Lepe.

Manuel Lepe was born on April 17, 1936 and died on September 9, 1984 in the city of Guadalajara from a brain aneurysm at the age of 48. If he had one vice, it was his tremendous passion for Vallarta and the other was cigarettes. “The Painter of Vallarta”, as he was baptized by a president of the Republic, is considered by the Encyclopedia of the Municipalities of Mexico as one of the illustrious men from Puerto Vallarta.

His "naive" pictorial work has been exhibited in several national and United States settings, which meant an important promotion for this tourist destination and, on more than one occasion, it lent itself to the dissemination of the altruistic work of the UN through of UNICEF, for children.

Retrato Manuel Lepe e

Everyone who visits Puerto Vallarta is attracted by his angelic, colorful and cheerful work.

Manuel Lepe Macedo was the son of Don Francisco Lepe and Doña Dionisia Macedo. His good conversation, his joy and way of highlighting those simple and beautiful things about Puerto Vallarta stood out. His house on Jacarandas Street in the center enjoyed a splendid view with which he was inspired to transfer that beauty to canvas.

His recognition in the Naif art directory in France, as well as the influence he has exerted on other exponents of plastic arts in Puerto Vallarta, have meant that his work has been the subject of plagiarism on repeated occasions, creating in his copyists an involuntary tribute to his name.

His paintings permeate the essence of Puerto Vallarta in the mid-20th century, the candidness, innocence and kindness of its people. That is why every year in the month of September, authorities and friends remember with a well-deserved posthumous tribute to the painter who gave color to our city with a mural located in the municipal presidency that serves as scenery; For a man and artist who transcended borders, it is enough to remember that Queen Elizabeth of England has a “Lepe” to her credit. And everyone who visits Puerto Vallarta is attracted to his angelic, colorful and cheerful work.

Another important date for the port was September 5, 1962. Date on which federal secondary education opened its doors in this municipality, materialized in the Industrial Technology School N0. 49; better known as ETI 49.
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