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Holidays on the beach: a gift that the body appreciates

Summer is coming! Nothing better than a vacation on the beach to remember the true meaning of living. Promotions, offers and packages for an accessible break.

Rest is essential to enjoy good health. The holidays have arrived and there is nothing better than taking a getaway to the beach to remember the true meaning of life: the search for happiness.

Work has become a necessary and inseparable activity for man. It is certainly a blessing, however, the idea of working obsessively ends up sickening the body, paralyzing creativity and sometimes destroying relationships. Today, a large number of diseases are generated by not giving the body rest, balance to our emotions and recreation to our mind.

In that sense, the holidays have become a gift that we all deserve. But, have you ever wondered what does going on vacation mean for your body and your emotions? Here we tell you.

Vacaciones: un cambio de mood
Beach Vacation: Puerto Vallarta

Reasons to go on vacation

You change your mood: Going on vacation is definitely a reset for the mind and body. Improve your mood, return the good mood and your attitude changes as if by magic. you just walk into another “mood”. You show yourself curious, open and flexible to whatever comes your way.

You disconnect from stress: Traveling disconnects you from everyday stress. Your to-do list is based on the places you are going to visit, where you are going to eat and what you are going to do to have a good time. Even the way you dress changes and you adapt to the new circumstances. Your head simply revolves around the pursuit of pleasure, which practically makes you forget about problems.

the body relaxes: Your body posture changes from the moment you start packing. An emotion runs through your body that longs to catch its breath. So when you arrive at your destination, the body relaxes and adopts another attitude.

Increase creativity: A rested and stress-free person flows like water. Exact! As water flows, blood flows to your head. This contributes to oxygenating your brain, therefore your creativity increases as if by magic. Also, if we turn to the theme of colors, with the simple fact of seeing the blue of the sea and sky you enter a state of relaxation that helps ideas flow. Something like entering a state of meditation.

Vacaciones en Riviera Nayarit
Reasons to rest: You change your mood, you disconnect from stress, the body relaxes, creativity increases.

The quartet of happiness

Without a doubt, this phrase evokes a musical quartet. If we make an analogy, something similar happens with the chemistry of the body. We are referring to the chemicals released by the body in a state of bliss. This quartet of happiness is made up of endorphin, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. These substances vibrate in harmony and the music begins…

►Endorphins are released when we do an activity that we like, like dancing, singing and even laughing. They serve as a kind of natural pain reliever and give us a feeling of happiness.

►Serotonin for its part combats depression. It is released when you exercise or expose yourself to the sun. Hence, people who travel to the beach and like take sun, it feels unbelievably good. Not for nothing do they attribute healing powers to the star king.

►Dopamine is released when you set a goal and achieve what you set out to do. If your motivation was to work during the year to go on vacation, when this moment arrives it is released in bulk, making you feel that everything has been worth it.

►Oxytocin is related to emotional bonds. It is commonly called the "hug hormone" because it is released when you have physical contact, give hugs or caresses, and even if you practice meditation.

The results of these investigations have been scientifically proven by neuroscience. And they have opened an infinite world of possibilities, to know how this perfect machine works. This is how neurotransmitters and chemistry in our body work!

Vacaciones en la playa, El cuarteto de la felicidad
The quartet of happiness, present in all ages

Vacations are an investment, not an expense

Going on vacation allows us to discover beautiful places, live new experiences, meet people, try other foods, expand our culture and strengthen our relationships. But it also helps us change our perspective and make better decisions. And, one of the most important things, to generate pleasant memories of our life!

Holidays are a gift that the body appreciates. And remember that they are an investment, not an expense.

Here are some recommendations for you to take advantage of this summer. Banderas Bay is an ideal place to do it.

Beach vacations at affordable costs

Do not lose sight of the fact that during the holiday season or prior to it, you will find promotions, offers and packages really accessible for the whole family.

If you are traveling with children or teenagers, make sure that the hotel you will arrive at has special areas for them, such as a Kids Club, Teens Club or safe children's pools. This will give you peace of mind that everyone in the family will have fun.

the options of all inclusive hotels They are the most recommended for families with more than three members. This way you don't have to worry about food.

Visit the official website of the chosen option and verify before making your reservation, what type of amenities it offers, so as not to be surprised or disappointed.

Depending on the number of people traveling, choose the most comfortable option for your family.

Finally, make sure that the food or restaurant options offered by the hotel are varied. This way you can please everyone.

vacaciones en la playa
the options of all inclusive hotels They are the most recommended for families with more than three members.

In our tour of the bay, we found something that can definitely be adjusted to your needs and those of your family due to its price-quality ratio: Marival® Emotions Resort & Suites in Riviera Nayarit. In addition to being the pioneers in experiences All Inclusive in the bayThey offer many lodging options, where the whole family fits in the same place.

Its gastronomic offer is very varied and includes à la carte specialties. ohAll this in incredible packages and offers!

The true meaning of life is to enjoy. So we all deserve a beach vacation!

Claudio Fabian Guevara