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January in the history of Puerto Vallarta

The decade from 1960 to 1970 was a fundamental stage in the transition of Puerto Vallarta. It went from being an agricultural town to a tourist city.

In the puerto vallarta history, The month of January stands out for three very important dates.

The decade from 1960 to 1970 was a period of transition from agricultural Puerto Vallarta to touristic Puerto Vallarta. In this decade, the state and federal governments carried out important infrastructure works. The road to Compostela and the bridge over the Ameca river were built. Also the maritime terminal and the connection of the region to the Western Electric System. Also took place the inauguration and extension of the Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport.

When Vallarta became fashionable

Puerto Vallarta had become fashionable nationally and internationally. Many people had come to establish their homes and/or businesses here. This caused the sudden growth of the town and the sale and purchase of land that by law was not susceptible to entering the market, given its ejidal nature. This meant, at the time, a legal problem and uncertainty in land ownership. It was a major obstacle to the investments that were cascading and the establishment of several tourist-oriented companies. In such a way that the government of the Republic resolved the problem with the creation of a Translative Trust of Domain of Bahía de Banderas in 1970. Subsequently, the Puerto Vallarta Trust of the same characteristic was created on January 8, 1973, a split from the previous one.

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In Puerto Vallarta, 1,026 hectares of the ejido of the same name were expropriated, in the tourist strip adjacent to the coast. This decision was made with the commitment to indemnify the ejidatarios, regularize them and expose them to the market. With the proceeds of the sale, relevant works would be carried out for the benefit of the population.

The effects of a flood

In January 1992, due to the effects of the natural phenomenon called “El Niño”, the region was affected by heavy rains. These caused the overflow of the Ameca rivers and Pet. Also the collection of water, in all its volume, in the Corrinchis dam, close to this last city in Jalisco. The unusual influx of water would cause the collapse of the bridge over the Mascota River on the 18th, in front of the town of La Desembocada. Likewise, the cracking of the bridge over the Ameca River, near the town of Las Juntas. Both circumstances threatened Puerto Vallarta with severe isolation by land. There were large losses in various crops, especially beans. And several hundred victims.

However development would not stop despite the unfortunate event. One year later, on January 29, 1993, the Governor of Jalisco, Carlos Rivera Aceves, opened the new Par Vial to vehicular traffic that would connect the streets of Allende and 31 de Octubre with the Libramiento. This important road came to considerably ease the traffic of a growing number of automobile vehicles, due to the natural growth of the city and the increase in tourist influx by land.

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