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Guadalupan pilgrimages in Vallarta: a cultural heritage

The Guadalupana pilgrimages in honor of the "Virgen Morena" rescue traditions full of folklore that make any tourist fall in love. They were named by UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of the state of Jalisco.

It is common for towns with history to use as their main attraction their festivities and traditions. One of the most curious among tourists from the United States, Canada and Europe, are those that refer to family life or our folklore. Religious celebrations, what happens in the squares or markets, or in any Mexican celebration, reflect that warm embrace.

Guadalupana pilgrimages: bridges of coexistence

In Puerto Vallarta, a celebration that year after year gains more followers are the traditional Guadalupe pilgrimages. They are held every year from December 1 to 12. Although it is a religious act, it becomes a representative event of our city. Some people participate by pilgrimage showing their faith and devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe. Others just watch the procession go by, interacting with their offerings in pre-Hispanic dances with great rhythm and traditional attire. Along the way, music, songs, special costumes and, of course, food and snacks are offered.

It then becomes the perfect pretext to rescue this time of coexistence, this time of family, friends and common interests: faith.

For witnesses, this event becomes a moment in which the family can sit together, parents and children and have a happy-go-lucky chat. They share comments about the pilgrims, their costumes and their ability to dance and make the land sing, showing their devotion with talented dances or music. In other words, bridges of coexistence are created between locals and foreigners that strengthen community relations. 

A path of faith for Vallarta families

The festivities throughout twelve days become a path of faith for Vallarta families. The different sectors of local society and neighboring towns express their love and respect for the "Virgen Morena". Among all of them, the so-called "Pilgrimage of the Favored" stands out, the last of the festivities on the mere day of the Virgin of Gudalupe. To her  Thousands of attendees come with faith and gratitude for the favors received from the Patroness of America. From a very early hour, and until late at night, the parishioners walk from a point of the city to the temple with songs, praises, dances and prayers.

For visitors and tourists it becomes a different event and full of folklore that is represented, for everything that is related to Mother "Tonantzin". ANDThese processions began at the end of the 50s, when the Temple of the Virgin of Guadalupe was already built, which was built in 1921, known today as the Cathedral of Puerto Vallarta.

Peregrinaciones guadalupanas

Guadalupe pilgrimages: An intangible cultural heritage

At the initiative of Dr. Gabriela Scartascinni, a researcher at the Centro Universitario de la Costa, with the support of the cultural councilor of the Vallarta City Council, Armando Soltero Macias, the appointment of the Guadalupana parties as intangible cultural heritage of the state of Jalisco by UNESCO. This representation of faith, which had become an iconic tradition for the city, was an ideal pretext for the members of the Vallarta Viejo pilgrimage committee. Together with Dr. Gabriela, a researcher of the oral history of Puerto Vallarta, they took steps to carry out said appointment. This was completed in the month of December. 

Benefits in cultural and tourist matters for the destination

In cultural matters, this appointment by UNESCO places the Guadalupan pilgrimages as an invaluable cultural heritage for Puerto Vallarta. It represents an event in which the local community shares beliefs, lives with others and strengthens family bonds through their idiosyncrasy, culture and traditions. Social coexistence is reinforced and community values are promoted. These represent a point of union for us and a warm hug for those who visit us this season.

Without a doubt, these festivities in honor of the "Virgen Morena" rescue traditions full of folklore that make any tourist fall in love.

Peregrinaciones guadalupanas

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