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The day Queen Isabella received the keys to Vallarta

In 1983, news went around the world: Queen Elizabeth of England was visiting Puerto Vallarta. This 2022 would be the thirty-ninth anniversary of his visit.

Some people still remember the day the British monarch was in Puerto Vallarta.

The 2February 0, 1983 Puerto Vallarta receives the visit of the Queen Elizabeth of England . The sovereign had visited Mexico in 1975, when she was attended by President Luis Echeverría Álvarez.

During the 1983 visit, to establish ties of cooperation and friendship, from February 17 to 22 he made a tour from Acapulco to La Paz, Baja California, passing through Puerto Vallarta, which at that time was already driven by the tourist industry. the queen fIt was attended by the President of Mexico Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado. In Jalisco, by Governor Flavio Romero de Velasco. ANDn Puerto Vallarta received it the Municipal President, Arch. Jorge Leobardo Lepe García.

"How beautiful, they should have come from an architect to be so beautiful" commented the queen when she received the keys to the city. Queen Isabel, of placemes in Puerto Vallarta.

►An alteration to the protocol

In the book "Eco de Caracoles", by The Gomez of Ixtapa This anecdote is collected from the lips of Mr. Juan José Loredo León:

At that time, the architect Jorge Lepe was the municipal president, and he had to hand over the keys to the city to Isabel, as queen and as a woman. According to protocol, the queen should receive the keys, seated. At the same time, the architect told the queen "Stop, stop." He told me “tell him to stop”. I, in English, asked the queen. Total, she got up and Lepe was finally able to give her the aforementioned keys. Isabel received them and commented: "How beautiful, they should have come from an architect to be so beautiful." The next day, all the newspapers in the world reported that, In a small Mexican town, a municipal president had made Queen Elizabeth stand up to receive the keys to the city. But the queen was happy, very happy. By the way, I had to translate for Lepe.

The Queen Isabel, from placemes in a Mexican town, he went away delighted with Puerto Vallarta. It really was an extraordinary visit, which It was replicated in all national and international newspapers.

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