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The colors of the most beautiful bay

The color of a city or a town is one of the memories that stays the longest in people's memories.By Karina Macias

Talking about colors is talking about everything that catches our eyes and even more so when you have not lost your sense of wonder. My first memory of this bay is certainly from childhood, when the road trip turned deep green. The vegetation almost completely covered the landscape, showing the variety of greens that lie in a tropical jungle, thick with leafy trees that announce themselves in their magnificence.

the colors of nature

Once the last curve on federal highway 200 ended, we arrived at what is known today as the Huanacaxtle Cross in Banderas Bay Nayarit, a name that characterizes a small town in the Riviera Nayarit and alludes to a large and leafy endemic tree that is also known as Parota. Right there in this place, the next thing my eyes saw was the blue of the sea that combined with the tonality of the sky and that gave me the feeling of joy knowing that I was in the longed-for place; the beach.

At the International Airport, parallel to the runway, you have the opportunity to appreciate that vegetation full of green and that is part of the Boca de Tomates estuary that is characterized by the beauty of its mangroves.

It is very curious because if you travel by plane, you practically see the image with the same colors, although from another angle it is clear. Parallel to the runway at the International Airport, you have the opportunity to appreciate vegetation full of green and that is part of the Boca de Tomates estuary that is characterized by the beauty of its mangroves.

The urban landscape is also part of this color palette that we have on the canvas called the Banderas Bay. The typical constructions stand out for their orange clay tiles supported by white walls, a habitual construction for the residents of the first years, however, with the passage of time modernity has manifested itself through constructions of multiple styles and densities. . These structures have also given another variant and colors to the landscape.

Another aspect that gives us another variety of shades is found in our markets, where sweets, food and various typical objects such as: regional handicrafts made of wood, glass, paper, clay, typical Mexican clothing, rugs, handmade looms , contrast by their color.

And what to say about the food, the typical Mexican gastronomy looks and is recognized in the world for its different colors, smells and flavors.

colores de la bahía mas bella

the color of art

The streets of the city are also part of this urban landscape that gives life to the bay, in them, in addition to houses of multiple shapes, are art galleries, venues that house works of art of multiple characteristics and colors, shapes, and realities. . Works by artists from different parts of Mexico who share spaces and experiences even with artists from abroad. In these galleries the imagination exceeds any dimension. A very characteristic and colorful one is that of the different ethnic groups of the region such as the wirrarika art, better known as Huichol art, characterized by its great color, through pieces of wood embedded with small beads, looms with beautiful shapes made with colored yarn that show their cosmogony, going through earrings and clothing that are characteristic of the ethnic groups from the regions of Nayarit, Jalisco and Zacatecas.

On another occasion I will tell you more about the large number of colors that you can find in the most beautiful Bay, the Bay of Banderas.

María Karina Macias Aguirre

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