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The sea, the perfect antidote to maintain health

"In the sea, life is tastier": this is a fragment of a popular song, which contains good wisdom. There are many physical, emotional and even energetic benefits of bathing in the sea. A weighty argument right now, to take a good dip on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta.

The sea, this wonderful and unique ecosystem is full of beauty, mystery and stories. But how is it that its magic catches us? Today I will tell you some theories that may be interesting to you. I am privileged to have the sea so close, as if that were not enough, we live surrounded by mountains that green up impetuously with the summer rains.

Since I was very little, I have had a tremendous fascination for the sea, for something I live here. My taste for the beach is not produced only by the beautiful memories of my childhood thanks to family vacations; but for everything that the sea gives us. Among other things, its unique and unrepeatable sunsets (definitely the reason for another article).

The sea, the best antidote to preserve health

This place full of life, color and magic has qualities that make it unique and a favorite for many. Let's just think, who doesn't like to go to the beach? And especially our city friends, who look for any opportunity to take refuge in the arms of the Mexican Pacific coast.

Relaxed and smiling faces of the people who are there, enjoying the beach. And it is that scientific advances on the subject show us the great benefits of the sea to preserve the health of people, not only with fresh dips, but even ingested seawater.

Well, the experience begins without a doubt with the caress of the feet on a smooth and warm carpet in different shades and textures: sand. An essential element to enjoy the stay. By the way, did you know that in the vast majority of kindergartens or kindergartens (in early childhood) there are always sandboxes for them to play in? The answer is simple: handling the sand with the hands at this stage is Ideal for reducing anxiety, stress and aggression. Interesting, right?

Here the benefits begin. Surely at some time you played with little war sand, you made a castle, tunnels or they buried you making nice figures in a superficial way. This practice is not only an entertaining game, but it has become a healing ritual, since it is believed that the energy and heat of the sand that passes through our body neutralizes the body's negative and positive ion charges and harmonizes the aura. In this intimate moment of relaxation we also remember that we are as small as the grains of sand in the greatness of the universe...

El mar de Vallarta
Dad and baby enjoying the beach

The healing power of the sea

The sea contains virtually all the minerals and trace elements on the periodic table., so it is scientifically proven that the body requires each of these elements to function optimally.

►Helps heal skin wounds. Seawater has healing properties by having antibacterial substances, which counteract skin conditions. Its salinity level helps to cauterize wounds, in addition to preventing the reproduction of bacteria and fungi. In addition, it not only helps to heal it faster but also to heal better.

►The sea breeze is rich in iodine, a substance that helps regulate the thyroid.

► The sea has a high magnesium content that causes a feeling of relaxation that will undoubtedly take away your stress immediately.

►As the whole body reacts in a chain, its movement resembles a relaxing therapeutic massage, which will leave you feeling like new.

►The sea is especially recommended to prevent respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, cough, and flu due to the amount of nutrients, salts, and minerals it contains. That with good hydration they are enhanced. In itself, taking a bath in the sea hydrates the body through the pores of the skin. Amazing, right!

►Strengthens muscles and joints, so it is recommended for people with arthritis, bone pain, and circulation problems, cellulite and varicose veins.

It's the sea and the oceans those that house diverse expressions of life in their flora and fauna, is life, the water that contains us and heals us. The sea not only refreshes, relaxes and entertains us; but it makes us forget the daily stress. What better antidote to strengthen the immune system, live happier and maintain optimal health at times like this...

There are so many things for which the sea is an indispensable element in maintaining people's emotional, physical and spiritual health, that it would be a crime to deprive anyone of its benefits. Sun, the sea, the clean air and our nature, are essential factors to preserve health and life.

No one has the right to deprive us of this source of health. The freedom to decide how to take care of ourselves and in what way we do it is essential for our survival. Only we ourselves know what it is, what our body needs to be healthy.
They say that life originated in the sea, and it is clear to me that its power is so great, that it is the best ally to be strong, healthy and happy.

El mar de Vallarta
Mom and baby in the sea


María Karina Macias Aguirre