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Melange World Spa: the perfect mix between health and well-being

Melange World Spa is an oasis where the different cultures of the world share ancestral secrets to worship the body.

I have a fascination with the subject of well-being. I have long been inclined to think that joy is closely related to health. Our life is full of activities of all kinds and the vast majority of people place rest or recreation on the bottom rung of our priorities.

We live in a privileged place. The Bay of Banderas gives us incredible sunsets, beautiful beaches and exuberant vegetation every day., to remind us of the beauty of living in this jewel of the Mexican Pacific. Riviera Nayarit has distinguished itself as a luxury destination. Personalities from all over the world know that what they find in this jewel of the Mexican Pacific, they will not find anywhere else. Vallarta & Nayarit have become the favorite oasis in all of America.

Health and well-being is an intrinsic condition of the human being. Our mind needs peace, the body rest and emotions serenity. So in my search to find experiences that return our souls to our bodies, I found an extremely exclusive place in Bahía de Banderas that left me pleasantly satisfied…

 Melange World Spa Marival Residences
 Melange World Spa Riviera Nayarit

Melange World Spa: a trip around the world

Melange is a French word meaning "mixture of components". The range of services offered by this exclusive place is of international category. Melange World Spa It is the place where the different cultures of the world share ancestral secrets in traditional rituals to worship the body.

Melange World Spa
 Melange World Spa Riviera Nayarit

The experiences take you on a journey around the world passing through Mexico, Japan, Turkey, Russia, Bali, Thailand, the United States, Italy and India.

The latter was the one I chose to please the smallest of my whims.

The adventure began at the reception with a friendly smile. Then I filled out a questionnaire in which, according to the answers about my habits, complexion, tastes and needs, I determined the ideal treatment. Once the therapists analyzed my answers, the choice of treatment came practically according to the needs that I myself expressed in the questionnaire. My body spoke. So the chosen country was India.

 Melange World Spa
 Scalp and neck massage

India Shirodara Experience

Can you imagine closing your eyes and finding yourself magically in a hindu ashram? Well, the beauty of the place unexpectedly made me sigh. Enter a room that asked nothing of any Hindu palace.

In the midst of soft and relaxing incense, a foot wash and a relaxing massage began, which was the turning point in this great ritual. Next, a bed finely carved in wood from India, would be the most awaited bed for me in recent months.

Melange World Spa
 Booth with art, clothing, copper tub and massage bed, original from India

The gentleness and care were the perfect channel for the oils of cedar, jasmine and sandalwood to flow smoothly through my body. the gentle abhyanga therapeutic massage with warm essential oils, they definitely moved me to another level of consciousness. My body did nothing but thank me every moment...

On the massage bed, a stream of natural oils dripped onto my forehead. They were not wrong when they told me: "Your third eye will be the key to enter this relaxing experience." These warm herbal oils would be the perfect vehicle for an exquisite massage that my scalp would receive. Which, among other things, serves to relax the nervous system, combat insomnia, reduce stress problems, anxiety, depression, hair loss and above all fatigue.

Melange World Spa
 Melange World Spa Riviera Nayarit.

Melange World Spa: Better impossible

So far, I was beginning to intuit the concept of perfection. Treated from head to toe, in a state of supreme relaxation, the end of the experience had no limits. A hot water bath in a luxurious copper tub made me feel like a true Hindu goddess. Water was the element that would close this dream experience that would allow me to show myself the stillness that the mind experiences, literally and textually floating like a lotus flower in a beautiful copper tub. The mixture of elements such as: wood, copper, herbal oils and water, were the culmination of a dream experience.

Melange World Spa

Can you imagine finding a place that offers you the best experiences in the world in services of Spa and massages, here in our bay? Well, you no longer have to travel to other countries to achieve it. The mysticism, magic and exotic luxury of India can be experienced in the Bay of Banderas.

Melange, better impossible.

María Karina Macias Aguirre

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