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Being vegan has its rewards in Riviera Nayarit

For the second time, the VegFest 2020 that took place this weekend in Bucerías was a success. With more than 100 exhibitors from the food and wellness industry, the main square of Bucerías was packed with people.

I once tried a delicious fresh water from Jackfruit. Yes, that exotic fruit that grows in the Bahía de Banderas region and that has a peel with a very strange texture but inside everything it has is extremely nutritious. Well now I ate a jackfruit taco; That is to say, this fruit can also be cooked as food. With a special and marinated flavor, I could have practically sworn I was eating an al pastor taco, except it was vegan.

That was the first position that captivated me. But along the way there were Argentine vegetable empanadas, humus, date jams and various fruits, whole rye bread, artisanal chocolate, natural personal hygiene products made from honey and other products, Aztec food with its traditional sopes, chalupas, huitlacoche quesadillas, pumpkin flower and even Jamaica.

People from the Wellness industry, or well-being as it is known, attended this vegan festival. Ice cream, fresh water, and salads were the main actors in this popular festival dedicated to good food.

It is not a secret that the Riviera Nayarit has a great diversity of restaurants of high quality international food. It is also a fact that the demand for healthy and vegan food in the region is increasing and the food industry has to keep up.

And it is that the preference for these foods of both Mexicans and foreigners is in growing demand. That is why there are also more local producers, who have creatively known how to market their products and food in the different markets of the region.

Vegfest 2020

published by vegfeed South Vendredi February 28, 2020

With live music and a corridor of vegan food stalls, attendees were able to enjoy a relaxed and tropical weekend.

VegFest 2020 was a resounding success because eating healthy is not only fashionable, it is a priority for everyone. And you, have you tried the Jamaican quesadillas yet?

María Karina Macias Aguirre