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Tourism and Culture, what to do in Vallarta

Tourism and Culture are a perfect pairing. A social transformer that benefits not only the local population, but also the tourist who visits Puerto Vallarta.

The desirable profile of a tourist destination is defined by the ability to share its cultural richness with its visitors; wealth that is built from its own cultural habitat. Touring this bay, just with a sunset in front of me, I understood that tourism and culture are the perfect pairing in the most beautiful bay...

Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit harbor the hope of becoming a cultural tourism destination. The commitment to artistic activities, are a series of strategies that different sectors begin to implement as part of the efforts to achieve competitiveness indices in the market; as well as social welfare.

The inclusion of the arts in its different manifestations is beginning to gain space and to demand a significant boost from all sectors. The main objective is to link the cultural activity of the Port with its main economic activity: Tourism.

Thus, a large number of private initiative places have remained alive thanks to this commitment and government efforts continue to push to maintain and generate more and more spaces. Today we give you a list of some that are worth mentioning and of course enjoying.

What to do in Vallarta?


Without a doubt, walking on the Malecón continues to be one of the favorite routes of local people and visitors. In this cultural mosaic you can appreciate different cultural and artistic manifestations ranging from music, theater, dance, circus arts in a large program organized by the Puerto Vallarta City Hall, through the Culture area permanently in Los Arcos, the amphitheater iconic of the city.

Vallarta Theater

This theater with capacity for more than 600 people, maintains a varied offer of shows and plays, during the year.

Third call

A theater aimed at families that presents stagings of various themes. This small forum serves as a stage for plays, monologues and even Stand Up, in front of Macroplaza Pitillal.

Act II Entertainment Stages

ANDIt runs a cabaret theater program and a piano bar in the romantic zone. Challenge audiences with theatrical productions ranging from classics to new plays.

La Gata – Forum Bar

It is a center for alternative culture and entertainment, an inclusive space focused on the local public where visitors are welcome. An intimate place for the bohemia. A place of resistance for cabaret, music, cinema, poetry. And of course to enjoy a good coffee and other drinks.

Charming Vallarta

This entertainment center always has a wide range of shows dedicated to music of all genres. Located on Insurgentes street, next to the Cuale river.

The Mangoes Library

This cultural venue has become a benchmark for the city. This community center par excellence offers an inexhaustible range of artistic workshops for all ages. Not to mention that it has one of the best film clubs in the region: the Cineclub el Muégano, with the projection of art films from around the world. In this way, with different themes, times and tastes, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7 pm, incredible films are shown with a symbolic recovery fee.


The city's galleries represent an offer of exhibitions at different levels that are integrated into the “ArtWalk” art walks that are already a tradition in the city. Do not miss them in high season. You will be surprised to know the offer and quality of the work of national and international artists.

University Center of the Coast

In the academic field, art spaces emerge with the aim of promoting young people, as it does in the Visual Arts career, at the Centro Universitario de la Costa of the University of Guadalajara, with forums, meetings, seminars, conferences and lectures, such as the “John Houston Chair” dedicated to cinematography and of course the Peter Gray art museum.

Vallarta Institute of Culture

This institute belonging to the municipal government of Puerto Vallarta, offers a basic artistic education program in most of the traditional disciplines. It has extended its efforts to disseminate Culture in the periphery of Puerto, taking programs to places where there was no access. Even recently, thanks to the sum of efforts, it opened the so-called "Open House" that serves as a venue for local artists who still do not have a space to exhibit.

Puerto Vallarta School Orchestra

One of the projects that has expressed concern for improving the social environment of children and youth in the city through musical training and human development is: The School Orchestra of Puerto Vallarta. A project for all young people who want to get closer to music and develop a series of universal values that help build a more united and integrated society, since orchestra work, beyond the aesthetic sense, contributes to teamwork.

Office of Cultural Projects (OPC)

It was born as a space dedicated to the dissemination of Contemporary Art, in order to promote a program with a higher quality standard in the production and dissemination of Visual Arts internationally.

Art and culture are essential to express the vision that a people has about itself, and its transformations. Therefore, it is fundamental to articulate it with the tourist activity. In this way, Art as a cultural transformer will make the experience of visiting Puerto Vallarta deeply unforgettable.

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María Karina Macias Aguirre