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Planet Cacao: the heart of the earth in Riviera Nayarit

Planeta Cacao is a tour that revalues the cocoa culture based on its knowledge, production and consumption.

For everyone, it is a delight to eat chocolate but ¿Do we know what's behind this delight?

The cocoa bean carries in its bowels the ancestral history of our original peoples in Mexico Thousands of years ago. Although in its beginnings this seed was harvested in Ecuador , it was in Mexico that the eitherThe lmecas domesticated the cacao plant and gave it different uses. This is how chocolate was created a ritual that it certainly became one of the most exquisite offerings to the gods. In other words, the chocolate is proudly Mexican, offered from the heart to the cosmos.

Cocoa, a healing plant

Curiously, when you open the cocoa pod, you can see a series of ramifications inside that hold the cocoa beans and allude to the heart with its arteries.

these seeds which are covered by a rich whitish pulp, have great nutritional propertiestional for the brain and neurotransmitters. They also allow to combat joint problems such as different types of sclerosis and arthritis due to their high magnesium content.

On the other hand, it is said that cocoa has healing properties, particularly for emotions, as it represents the heart of the earth. Even in Mexico and southern countries are carried out ritual ceremonies for medicinal and therapeutic purposes with the cocoa seed, offered to the pachamama, especially to heal emotional problems related to the heart.

Planeta Cacao
The cocoa bean, the heart of chocolate.

Planet Cacao: the heart of the earth in the Riviera Nayarit

In the region we are fortunate to have Planeta Cacao, a fascinating tourist-cultural tour that shows us the history, culture and magic that revolves around cocoa. This wonderful venture was born about 4 years ago, from the heart of two women: Laura Aguilar and Mina Ibarra. They are two academics, researchers of ancestral crops and lovers of cocoa. C.With the objective of creating an educational project that would revalue the culture of cocoa and its presence in the Bay of Banderas from their knowledge, production and consumption.

No.our bay It has the right climate, humidity and land for its production, thereby showing a great vein for economic and local development. Proof of them is that research shows the presence of cocoa in the region for just over a thousand years.

Planeta Cacao

The chocolate workshop and tour

The tour starts with the welcome: a refreshing cocoa drink. ANDnext andhe tour shows us the ancestral history of cocoa, that comes from at least of 5 thousand years old. Here the hostesses They describe the history and rituals used by our indigenous peoples with cocoa, in addition to the commercial use that they gave to the seed as an important currency.

The tour also shows you the ideal places for the planting, production and commercialization of cocoa in the world, including of course Mexico. The production has had to deal with the large chocolate industries in the world that are far removed from what the magic and rescue of the artisanal use of cocoa represents, making us believe that chocolate is sugar! Currently, there are bars for sale that only have between 2 and 5 % cocoa and 95 % of sugar. ¿You imagine? The ideal is to at least produce chocolates that have the 80% of cocoa and the 20 % of sugar, for a good nutritional contribution.

Once you know the history, uses, production and therapeutic purposes of cocoa, you will walk the trails where the tocac treestoToday comes the best for children and adults: the artisanal preparation of your own chocolate.

Planeta Cacao

Craft chocolate preparation workshop

in this bthis ritual you will be able to know the whole process for the preparation of your own artisan chocolate. The experience of taking between your hands the cocoa pod, after remove the seeds to roast them on griddles a little kitchen clearly mexican, peel off and leave like a heart beating the essence of cocoa for its final grinding and mixing. A tour that will revalue the cocoa culture from its knowledge, production and consumption. Sundoubtedly a unique experience that leaves you with a happy heart and an exquisite taste in the mouth…

Planeta Cacao

Cocoa Planet

  • Bilingual tour and chocolate workshop
  • Apt to children and adults
  • Hours: 10:00 12:00 14:00 from Monday to Friday and 10:00 and 12:00 on Saturdays.
  • reservations and costs to: 322 237 88 40 either
  • recommendations
  • Don't forget to bring a camera
  • a sun hat
  • mosquito repellentyouyou
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