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Camarones Beach, perfect balance

Camarones beach is a perfect refuge, where there is man's respect for nature and gives us unique gifts of great attraction to Puerto Vallarta.

Camarones beach is hidden in the center of Vallarta. It is ideal to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. This beautiful beach extends from San Salvador street ending up to the sculpture "Los Milenios". Due to its very accessible location, it gives you several entrances through the streets of the center. It has everything you need to stock up on your visit, for example there is a shopping center to buy drinks or snacks that will complete your ideal afternoon. It has a wide variety of gastronomic options that satisfy the most demanding palate. Enjoy delicious dishes sitting in one of the many palapas on the beach. We recommend the zarandeados fish or the pregnant shrimp. Rest assured that everything is fresh and of the day.

Camarones beach has an extension of sand and sea of almost 600 meters, which makes it perfect for hundreds of activities and enjoying incredible shows.

Another of the wonders of this beach is that you can be accompanied by your canine. You can take long walks, play ball games on the soft sand and jump in the waves with your faithful four-legged friend. At certain times of the year, the space is used to offer entertainment shows. Great bands have made every grain of sand vibrate with their music. Sporting events have raised the intensity of the spectators. The athletes challenge the king of the sea in a friendly battle.

Playa Camarones

At Camarones beach you can observe the different fishing techniques of the local people. Some are with their hand-woven nets. Although they look light, the technique is something that they develop with the experience of the years. Other anglers are faithful to the fishing rod. Some have more complex reeds, while others assemble them with reed string and a plastic bottle. It is not necessary to have a team of thousands of pesos, the important thing is to know the sea. Know how to identify your battle area. Know the types of waves and identify your opponents, those crafty little fish. Most importantly, be willing to acquire a great tan.

This beach is the perfect proof that man can be in balance with nature without destroying it.

Despite all this, the activities of man, the sporting events, the innumerable visits, Camarones beach is one of the most recognized for its cleanliness care. He has obtained national and international recognition. An example of this was in 2015 the beach was awarded the certification blue flag, an award given to those beaches that maintain a high level of cleanliness, tourists and locals are in charge of keeping the space in balance, thanks to which marine life abounds on the site.


The shows offered by the flora and fauna will amaze you. You can appreciate the seagulls diving over the sea to capture the agile and fresh fish. The crabs that dance with the waves that come and go. There are those who are lucky enough to get to see some kind of turtle. Let's not leave aside the spectacular colors that our mother nature paints. During the day, the intense blues of the sea merge with the blue of the sky, completing the full range and the fun clouds also seek prominence with their many characters. Lie down on the sand until sunset comes. Did you notice how the scenery changes? Now the all warm make their grand entrance and give you the grand finale of an excellent day that you can only experience at Camarones beach.

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