You are currently viewing Plaza de armas, el segundo sitio más concurrido de Vallarta

Plaza de Armas, the second most visited place in Vallarta

The Plaza de Armas is the place where locals and tourists gather. A picturesque kiosk is the meeting point for hundreds of Vallarta stories.

The main square is decorated with leafy trees, white benches, flower boxes with beautiful flowers and an attractive kiosk. It has a statue of Ignacio L. Vallarta, who is an important historical figure for the state of Jalisco, recognized for a variety of contributions throughout his profession as a lawyer. It is the center of downtown, the Plaza de Armas of Puerto Vallarta has many other tourist sites around it.

If you are in this place and want to go to the Pier You just have to cross the street in the direction of the sea. If you want to visit the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe crosses towards the mountains. Clothing stores, craft markets, jewelry stores, entertainment centers, restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors and much more just a few meters away. There is also the H. Puerto Vallarta City Council, where the main decisions of the municipal public administration are made. This shows that the main square is the starting point of the city's urban growth.

The morning life of the main square of Puerto Vallarta

In the mornings you can feed the pigeons with seeds, watch people go by with a coffee in hand. There are the news vendors with the most relevant headlines of the day scattered around the usual flowerbed in which they are placed. In an organized row are the shoe wraps. With their quick hands they are in charge of shining hundreds of shoes that are all over Puerto Vallarta. These workers know the Plaza de Armas perfectly, it is their job site. As in any town square, the old citizens cannot be missing. You find them in the morning, a small group of 3 to 5 people who meet to remember the yesterdays of the bay. In her eyes and lips are the essence of what Puerto Vallarta was. His words travel by the wind waiting for them to reach the ears of the new generations. And as in every square, the snow lord could not be missing.

Plaza de Armas, Puerto Vallarta
The Lord of the Snows in the Plaza de Armas in Puerto Vallarta

Let's dance a danzón!

In addition to being able to sit down to enjoy an ice cream, take a break from a walk or simply appreciate the passage of time, you can enjoy music and dancing. On weekends there are different music bands that play at the kiosk in the Plaza de Armas. People of all ages move to the rhythm of salsa and cumbia to laugh and experience the joy of the coast. Although the danzón is the main music genre, there are also other good complements. Cha cha chá, paso doble, music from the north, tango, march, waltz to meet all requests and tastes. The Municipal Band is in charge of setting the heart of the city from Thursday to Sunday from 6:00 in the afternoon.

Plaza de armas, Puerto Vallarta
Municipal band playing in Plaza de Armas in Puerto Vallarta

Throughout the year cultural events are held in the main square. Book fairs, poetry readings, book presentations, sale of Mexican snacks, civic event ceremonies, among many others. Life and color, with the traditional madonnari festival which is held regularly in November of each year and brings together artists from all over Mexico and the United States. A festival full of art and anecdotes in the heart of Puerto Vallarta. Without a doubt, the Plaza de Armas is a tourist site that you cannot miss.

María Karina Macias Aguirre