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XIII Madonnari Festival 2018: ephemeral art that is painted with the soul

Color, creativity and solidarity between Santa Barbara California and Puerto Vallarta. The 2018 Madonnari Festival brought together incredible artists and expressions.

Painting since ancient times has been more than an artistic expression. Its evolution has witnessed the transcendence of the human being over time. Madonnari art is an expression that arose around the 16th century in Italy. Street artists who wandered the streets of Rome painted maidens or Madonnas with charcoal and chalk for a few coins, using the ground of the piazzas as a canvas. Hence the name Madonnari Art. The activity was so booming that it spread throughout Europe and later reached the United States.

Ephemeral art as it is known today is a gift from the hearts of artists for those who are lucky enough to walk by, since it is drawn on the floor with pastel or colored chalk. The motifs or themes vary according to the creativity of its author. This heroic and one-of-a-kind expression. It shines once finished and then offers itself to heaven and gradually disappears due to inclement weather and weather.

Sister Cities: Puerto Vallarta – Santa Barbara

The tourist vocation of Puerto Vallarta gave rise to the visit of hundreds and thousands of tourists from different places. However, the North American market has been the natural market par excellence. Santa Barbara, California, was one of the first places to recognize Vallarta friends after their frequent visits. This resulted in a twinning between the two cities for just over 44 years, when the Puerto Vallarta-Santa Bárbara Sister Cities Committee was created, with the aim of not only creating bonds of friendship, but also strengthening altruism and exchanging ideas and props.

13 Years of Art: Madonnari Festival 2018 in Puerto Vallarta

After consolidating in the United States, the Madonnari Festival arrived in Puerto Vallarta 13 years ago thanks to the twinning with Santa Bárbara California, as a sign of the union and close ties that the North American community has woven with the people of Vallarta. In this way, local artists participate and interact with artists from California and other parts of Mexico and the world.

Although this traditional festival originated in Italy and later reached the United States, Puerto Vallarta was the first city in all of Mexico to hold this festival. Later it spread to the rest of the country.

Festival Madonnari 2018
Artists from Santa Bárbara, Members of the jury.

A showcase for artists

The month of November of each year the Plaza de Armas of Puerto Vallarta becomes the stage that receives the high season with this wonderful free and non-profit festival. It is a generous call that embraces artists from all over Mexico and the general public.

Faces, landscapes and abstract drawings take shape with more than a hundred participating artists. Throughout three days of work they perform while they live together, exchanging ideas and techniques but above all good moments and experiences.

Festival Madonnari 2018
Madonnari art in action.

Color, creativity and solidarity

Art and culture have become an important tourist attraction for national and foreign visitors. In this way, thanks to the Puerto Vallarta-Santa Bárbara Sister Cities Committee, the municipal government and other civil organizations that have joined each year, the 2018 Madonnari Festival was held in Puerto Vallarta to encourage tourist and cultural activity in the center. from the city. Laurel Carrillo Ventura, President of the Committee in Puerto Vallarta, emphasized that in addition to promoting art and culture, this event also promotes Puerto Vallarta as a cultural destination, since the winning artist participates in the event that takes place in Santa Bárbara, California, United States.

Winners: Madonnari Festival 2018

As in previous editions there were truly beautiful works. Undoubtedly, each one deserved the award for patience and talent with which each of the artists gave the Vallarta and foreign attendees for days.

Festival Madonnari 2018
First place: Raafa Rars
Festival Maddonari 2018
Second place: Haydee Juárez Guadalupe.
Festival Madonnari 2018
Third place: Renata Arias
Fourth place: Emanuel Reyes
Claudio Fabian Guevara

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