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Puerto Vallarta ready to receive high-performance athletes at the UTMB World Series

For the second time, the destination will host the UTMB World Series, one of the most important sporting events in world trail running.

Puerto Vallarta is considered one of the best tourist destinations for its natural charm, which is why it once again becomes the official headquarters of the most emblematic trail running circuit in the world, the UTMB World Series, bringing together the best national and international ultramarathoners from 03 to November 5th.

The Mont-Blanc Ultra-Trail, also called UTMB, is a mountain ultramarathon that brings together the elite of the sport through the best foot races in the middle of nature held in distinguished cities around the world, being the green pearl from the Mexican Pacific, the only destination in Mexico where this iconic sporting event takes place during the first week of November.

Puerto Vallarta México by UTMB, will once again show the best of the region, taking runners through trails through the mountains, agave plantations and until they reach the beautiful bay of the city, where participants will have the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful Puerto Vallarta boardwalk and its open-air art gallery that now coexists with elements alluding to the Day of the Dead and the famous monumental Catrina, generating an emotional moment for the closing of the race.

Much of the distances cover the Sierra Madre Occidental, which is a sacred place for the Wixárika people where the inspiration for the design and name of each of the routes comes:

  • Hikuri (95 km), is considered a teacher, they call him “The Wise One”
  • Nakawé (49 km), is a name that means “Mother Water”
  • Haramara (33 km), means "the Goddess of the sea"
  • Ereno (20 km), its name means "sea foam"
  • Pata Salada (8 km), which is the colloquial name for the people of Puerto Vallarta.

It is recommended to consider the high physical and mental demand that this competition entails, so it is essential to take the necessary precautions. For more information and limited registrations visit the official site:

Within the American continent, the UTMB World Series, considered one of the 18 best sporting experiences worldwide, has a presence in Virginia – United States, Quito – Ecuador, Paraty – Brazil, Córdoba – Argentina and Puerto Vallarta, the official headquarters of Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta continues to position itself as a national and international benchmark destination within the sports tourism segment, thanks to its wonderful natural settings that transmit the purest Mexican spirit and its great infrastructure, which makes it an excellent host of world-class competitions. throughout the year.

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