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Beauty Bar, a concept that is here to stay

A 'beauty bar' is much more than a beauty salon. It is a place where services such as haircuts, hairstyles or makeup are offered, in a space with great attention to interior decoration and comfort. Meet L'ARTISTE SALON Beauty Bar in Puerto Vallarta.

If you belong to generations born in the last century, you will surely remember that the Beauty salons they were not like now. Before, the place was merely functional, with some amenities but not too many. They had what it took to provide their services haircut and color, nothing else.

As nail services became more popular, salons were incorporating dedicated nail areas. manicure and pedicure, and more recently to the placement of acrylic nails and gel application. Thus, the Beauty salons They were expanding, but they would still continue their evolution.

Beauty Bar

Now we know that a fundamental part of any service is the attention and experience that the client lives. It is not just about doing the job well, but it must be complemented with facilities and details that make your time in the beauty salon be a pleasant experience.

Thus was born the concept of 'beauty bar'. Coined from the English language, it would literally translate as “beauty bar”. Yes, commonly these places offer drinks, but not only that. They also have a series of amenities and special attention to creating a pleasant atmosphere.

A 'beauty bar' is much more than a beauty salon. Although it is a place where services such as haircuts, color, styling, makeup, nails or waxing are offered, it is distinguished by offering customers a space with great attention to interior decoration and comfort..

Beauty Bar

L'ARTISTE SALON Beauty Bar in Puerto Vallarta

L'ARTISTE SALON Beauty Bar was inaugurated in Puerto Vallarta at the end of last year. From the moment you enter, the atmosphere invites you to relax and have a good time. The decoration and furniture form a harmonious whole. Colors and other details appeal to visual pleasure.

visit this beauty salon it becomes a true oasis in the middle of your day. The seats in the waiting room and service stations are extremely comfortable. The place has air conditioning, WiFi, USB charging ports, background music, outdoor terrace and private parking.

During your service, you will receive a drink Courtesy. You can order coffee, tea, beer, soda or water. The coffee is made with freshly ground beans and they have a variety of flavored teas. There are also different options for soft drinks and beers, trying to satisfy the tastes of all customers.

The goal is to provide an experience in which the customer feels pampered and well cared for. But if you add to that the fact that the owner, Lina Coria, is a colorist with 15 years of experience, you also ensure incredible results in your haircut, color, technical work and hair treatments.

Lina has a highly trained work team in manicure, pedicure, nail polish, placement of acrylic nails, application of gel on hands and feet, facial hair removal, styling, molding, social and bridal makeup, eyelash lifting, eyebrow and facial ironing.

In addition, L'ARTSITE SALON is a beauty salon L'Oréal Professionnel official, which guarantees that all work is carried out with products of the highest quality. Similarly, their makeups and cosmetics are hypoallergenic, from recognized brands that ensure optimal results.

The nail gel they use is long lasting and all their polishes are truly organic. They also perform manicure and pedicure for girls with water-based nail polish so that the little ones can be pampered together with their mothers. Or maybe they prefer a haircut!

We can't say for sure, but maybe THE ARTIST SALON be the only one beauty salon in Puerto Vallarta to be 'pet friendly', since its outdoor terrace is an ideal space for your pets to wait. It truly has everything you could ask for! We invite you to meet him. 

It is located in Las Glorias, right in the heart of the Puerto Vallarta hotel zone. You can see its exact location at, as well as photos and videos of their work. On Facebook and Instagram you can find them as @lartistesalonbeautybar. Follow them to be aware of their promotions!

Pablo Picasso 157, Las Glorias Hotel Zone, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, CP 48333
WhatsApp 3222177219
Phone 3223651331

Beauty Bar

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