You are currently viewing Mirador de la Cruz, una vista inigualable de la bahía de Banderas

Mirador de la Cruz, an unbeatable view of the Bay of Banderas

The Mirador de la Cruz, is the highest point in Puerto Vallarta. On clear days it allows you to see the beauty of Banderas Bay.

The Viewpoint of the Cross It has become one of the main attractions of the city. It has been restored and it is a space full of light, where the fresh breeze fills your lungs with energy. If you live here or come to visit, it has undoubtedly become a must stop for those who want to take the photo of the entire bay.

There are several routes to get there from the different streets of the center. Along Abasolo street it is a straighter path, as you go forward the slope rises more and more. Another route is through Josefa Ortíz de Domínguez street, it is recommended to make slight stops, since in both options getting in a car is not an option.

Up the energy, it's worth it to be up.

To get to the Mirador de la Cruz you need enthusiasm and a good physical condition so as not to lose your breath. In the final stretch of the stairs there is a funicular station, it works in high season from 6:00 in the morning to 10:00 at night. It has no cost subject to any tip that you put into consideration.

Upon arrival you can appreciate the simple wooden cross that is in the center of the viewpoint. If you prefer you can take more height thanks to another section of stairs. Place for photography fans. From there you will be able to appreciate every detail of Puerto Vallarta, its new pier, its temples and hotels from the center to practically the northern part of the bay in Bahía de Banderas. The variety of its architecture allows us to see the brown roofs with its small white buildings that combine with the sunsets. Another sight that draws sighs are the small boats that give the illusion of being a toy in the immense sea until the ocean liners that give a cosmopolitan touch to the postcard.

It is a place visited by practically everyone, but without a doubt, the photographers are the most frequent. From here they take images that go around the world thanks to social networks; inviting new tourists to get to know Puerto Vallarta and awakening memories in our old international and national friends who already know the Mirador de la Cruz and the entire Banderas Bay.

Cerro de la Cruz
View of Puerto Vallarta, north side from Mirador de la Cruz

Downhill Puerto Vallarta

Even if you are not a professional, the angles and views that can be seen from this point make each photograph unique. This spectacular site is also a favorite spot for athletes such as extreme cyclists from around the world, who for some years have chosen this hill and its slope to carry out a tournament. Downhill Puerto Vallarta, which puts the eyes of the world on our city.

Mirador de la Cruz
Down Hill from Cerro de la Cruz. Photo Barbara Ramos Villalobos

In addition to cyclists, athletes of all ages who walk or run, also overcome the challenge of reaching the top and some who are not satisfied with that, do more exercises while on top.

As an act of faith, many others decide to hold masses at the Mirador de la Cruz, as an offering to their causes. Some others offer their sacrifice and weariness as penance, towards spiritual favors where their faith gives them the strength to reach the top.

The recommended kit to achieve the feat

On very sunny and hot days it is important to bring sun protection, water to hydrate, sunglasses and a cap or hat to protect yourself. The Mirador de la Cruz may leave you physically exhausted, but the feat of capturing the best view of the city is the greatest reward. Enjoy each step and each step and once up, look at the bay with different eyes, surely your perspective of the city will change forever...


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