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La Pulquería PV, the place that unites art and good coexistence

Puerto Vallarta has been characterized as the most Mexican beach destination in the entire country. We could not miss a space that takes us back to our pre-Hispanic roots, where the host is: Pulque.
An extraordinary and ancient Mexican drink, such as pulque, must always be in a place that takes us back to the concept of its tradition; And this is the case. The Pulquería PV is a space with an intimate and consecrated touch, ideal for union, meeting and recognition. This is how its founder introduced it to us: Tatiana Etchegaray.

And it is that, from the moment you enter this space, you find yourself in every corner with pleasant details that make us feel welcome. Not for nothing, this place arose from love, where naturalness through good taste and harmony accompanies you to lose track of space and time with the special host: El Pulque.

Pulqueria PV
Pulque preparation with a special touch

Pulque: a drink that sweetens and makes anyone fall in love

Pulque is an alcoholic drink that comes from the fermentation of mucilage popularly known as aguamiel, derived from maguey.

History tells us that pulque is a drink of more than two thousand years in Mexico, and it is completely national. It has an unmatched historical as well as nutritional value.

The spirit that revolves around these places has to do with union, joy and festivity. It was tasted by wise men, shamans and rulers, in sacred ceremonies. Hence, this mead drink has a special magic, beyond just the intoxicating sense.

Really, if one also starts to study the history of pulquerías in Mexico, you understand that in these places they were totally inclusive, because there people of all origins or social strata could come together to share and enjoy a sacred drink. .

La Pulquería PV, the meeting point between art and the community

Touring the city we found this little corner in the heart of Vallarta. It offers a forum open to the public, where people, in addition to living together, can enjoy an artistic experience. Here you will find music with the value of always presenting original projects; poetic recitals, gastronomic tastings that are organized according to the billboard of the place.

The Pulqueria PV offers us a variety of pulques and cured foods to taste with fine touches of fruit flavors and herbal combinations; such as Oatmeal with cloves, Cocoa Cinnamon, Pineapple Ginger, Strawberry with mint, Banana with peanuts or even chile güero. So that your experience with this drink is truly shamanic.

If you don't have a craving for pulque or curados, you can order from a classic Margarita or with its not so classic combinations that its menu offers us. Also taste a good mezcal, or raicilla that it offers us within its variety such as: Añejo, Cuixe, Tepestate, Tobalá or Espadín.

If you just want to sit down and enjoy a good beer, you can also ask about the craft beers they offer such as El Terrible and Buclas. Originally from El coapinole and Bucerías, respectively.

That is exactly what this new concept that was generated in Puerto Vallarta is all about. From a natural, ancestral point of view or even as a natural consequence to be and be. Find out! Your spirit will not regret it!

La Pulquería PV
The Pulqueria PV. Guerrero #339, col. downtown puerto vallarta

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