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Aquaventuras, the place where dolphins love

Aquaventuras, the place that makes us feel more alive than ever

The celebration of our dead is a tradition worth showing off around the world. Altars with skulls, pan de muerto, candles, food and photos of those who left a great legacy. This is how the celebration of the dead was lived in Aquaventuras Park, the place that makes us feel more alive than ever.

If there is a tradition worth showing off in the world, it is the Day of the Dead in Mexico. This colorful celebration was experienced in a spectacular way at Aquaventuras Park, the best water park in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. And what better reception than dedicating the main altar to two great icons of Mexican painting: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. This altar located at the entrance along with the great Catrina were the most photographed by the families that attended this weekend.

Exalting our customs through this celebration is and will continue to be a source of pride for Mexicans. With this idea in mind, a tour of the altars was carried out with various companies in the region, which were invited to advertise their products or services, taking advantage of the influx of visitors over the weekend. These altars gave an extra reason to the fun that was about to begin…


Day of the Dead Altar Aquaventuras


Aquaventuras, a family park 100% 

I love this park because it is 100% for families, so obviously accompanied by friends or family is enjoyed to the fullest. aquaventuras It has 14 water parks spread throughout the Mexican Republic, since 1996. This park located on federal highway 200, to the north of Bahía de Banderas, is a reference for locals and of course for foreign tourists. Its facilities are first class, it has pools of all sizes for everyone to enjoy: babies, boys, girls, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Yeah! just as you read it. You will not be surprised to see a grandfather with a rejuvenated face on a tire, going down a slide, following in the footsteps of his happy grandchildren.

This park is ideal for resting after a hard day's work. The lazy river has a length of 160 meters. This canal transports you along its perimeter by a slow current of water, which relaxes even the most tense. Or, you can settle in a tent and sit down to cover yourself from the sun while you eat a snack.

For the more adventurous, there are the zip lines that cross the park over the pools. And what about all the slide options out there to launch yourself? and let the adrenaline shake even the hidden of your fears and they are dissolved in a fresh dip.


Aquaventuras Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit
Slides for the whole family Aquaventuras


A memory that will stay forever

Water is one of the most fun and enjoyable elements there is. That is why, since we were children, we love playing with water. Getting wet and immersing ourselves in it gives us a feeling of freedom, autonomy and indescribable satisfaction... Without leaving aside the other areas, this park has an incredible children's area. Its small slides are super safe, and can even be used by children from 2 years old, of course always accompanied by their parents, or an adult in charge. Here only joy is breathed, laughter and shouts are the melody of the entire area. Imagine, facing the challenge of sliding down a slide is an experience that will be recorded forever. Also like mom or dad, see your little one's face when he enters the water and submerges in it; priceless.

Aquaventuras en Bahía de Banderas
Aquaventuras children's area slides

After a beautiful and fun day, you are hungry, so we cannot fail to mention that the hamburgers in the food court are delicious. And to close with a flourish, the presentation of the most intelligent marine animals, the beautiful dolphins; the pampered animals of Aquaventuras, together with the friendliness of the sea lions of course. Best of all, if you live in the Puerto Vallarta or Bahía de Banderas area, don't miss out on the promotions and discounts for locals that are published everywhere the time in their social networks.

Paradoxically, this weekend I celebrated death, more alive than ever! Aquaventuras a highly recommended experience.

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