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Lupita Restaurant: A delicacy in the heart of Bucerías  

If you are a lover of good food, you have to visit the Lupita Restaurant. The place where Mexican food takes on another meaning.


Exotic flavors and exclusive dishes are our incentive in the search for new experiences. Bucerias, a small town on the Nayarit coast, has been listed as one of the favorite places in Bahía de Banderas. The reason is not only due to its wide beaches and the color of its small town, but also to its good food. Just a block and a half from the beach, Lupita Restaurant stands out from many others.

Lupita Restaurant, a special place

Upon our arrival we were pleasantly received by its owner, Mr. Carlos, a nice man from Sonora. He kindly gave us a tour, while telling us how this concept was created three years ago. It is championed by the popular name of one of the most important icons for Mexicans: the Virgin of Guadalupe, and named Lupita in her honor.

The restaurant has an elegant touch of fine Mexican details. Although it is distinguished by serving Mexican food, they also serve good international food and the best quality hamburgers.

We went to the kitchen. An important part is knowing whose creations these are. It was there that we found out that Chef Daisy Segundo is originally from Mexico City. She is one of the creative minds in this place. There are also cooks from Guerrero and Nayarit, which is why the combination of flavors distinguishes such a peculiar place.

Restaurante Lupita en Bucerias
A colorful and Mexican dining experience

The secret of the house: quality 

A restaurant always has its secrets. Although it is difficult for them to share them, this time they made a small exception. The quality in all its products makes the dishes take on another meaning. In it lupitas restaurant They take special care in the selection of meat, which by the way is brought from Sonora, which makes Rib Eye hamburgers one of the most requested dishes. The mole, brought from Oaxaca, is another trump card. And what about the handmade tortillas, both corn and flour: very characteristic of northern Mexico.

In addition, in the wine and liquor cellar they have the best brands on the market, and the best distillates parade on the bar. Thus, the perfect pairing for the combination of dishes is achieved.

Restaurante Lupita en Bucerias
Premium Bar. Lupita Restaurant, Bucerias, Nayarit

Chile poblano: the king of Lupita Restaurant

They know I'm curious by nature, so the first thing I ask is: What is the specialty of the house? And to my surprise the poblano pepper turned out to be the king of Lupita Restaurant. So we decided to see why...

The use they give to the traditional poblano pepper is truly impressive. I'm not going to tell their secret, but here they manage to make this famous Mexican chile not spicy and enjoyable for all palates. Even for the taste of foreign diners. So much so that these dishes currently participate in Restaurant Week. According to Orbin Martínez, Food and Beverage Manager, this has been one of the most liked dishes in this great culinary experience.

Chile poblano relleno de camarón.
Poblano pepper stuffed with shrimp, a specialty of Restaurante Lupita.

dishes to match  

The chili stuffed with shrimp is bathed in Pomodoro sauce made with tomato and 100 % natural ingredients, which gives it an exquisitely homemade flavor. The main grace and why it is so chosen by foreigners, is that they manage to take away the spiciness of the chili, without losing its essence and flavor. Which makes it the ideal haunt for shrimp, accompanied by delicious rice as a garnish. A true delight.

Logically we also had to try another dish that gets another round of applause. It's about the chicken supreme, accompanied with steamed vegetables as garnish. Another house delight made with chicken breast, cheese and bacon, bathed in poblano pepper sauce. Again and to our surprise, this creamy, green sauce was not spicy at all. Just exquisite.

Restaurante Lupita en Bucerias
Chicken supreme with poblano chile sauce.

Mexican-style culinary creativity

It was then that we understood the special cult they pay to this valuable gastronomic jewel of Mexico: the poblano pepper. Right away we had a refreshing lemonade with ginger and mint to close with a flourish…

Restaurante Lupita en Bucerias
a fresh lemonade

We were completely surprised by the creativity with which they prepare each and every one of their dishes. The dessert could not be the exception: poblano cheesecake. A cheesecake made with poblano pepper that left us pleasantly satisfied.

Restaurante Lupita en Bucerias
Poblano cheesecake. An exclusive and delicious dessert

It is no coincidence that Mexicans and foreigners from all over the world come together in a restaurant that celebrates culinary creativity in the Mexican style.

friends, definitely Lupita Restaurant It is placed on my list of recommended restaurants in the most beautiful bay.

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